Saradventures vol. 2

So this weekend my adventures entailed moving my boyfriend to his new home in Iowa before he starts his new job on Monday. I’m pretty stinking jealous of his swanky new apartment and his sweet computer programming gig (even though I know absolutely nothing about computer programming).

Putting the last box in the van.

Big Iowa Sky and sunset

Driving long distances always racks me with high blood sugar. Combination of the anxieity and tendency to snack shoots me up every time. It’s a double edged sword because if I get too high (250 plus) my eyes start getting blurry and it’s hard to drive, but I don’t want to stack insulin and risk getting low while driving. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for close to 3 years now, and I have had my experience of driving with the D. I know one thing for sure, when you’re borderline high or low, despite what your CGMS says, you stop a LOT and test.

At this point, a down arrow is good.

Here are my general rules when driving long distances by myself:

  • Keep the CGMS against part of me so I can feel it vibrate.
  • Stop at least once every three hours and test, and test before I start when driving anywhere, even to the grocery store.
  • Set my low alarm at 100 (I usually set it at 70). That way, I can catch the low before it becomes dangerous.
  • Make sure I have complex carbs and fast acting carbs within and arms reach.
  • Keep a water bottle with me in case of climbing highs to stave off DKA.

What is your routine?


3 thoughts on “Iowabetes.

  1. Paige

    These are things I do before my roadtrips:

    1. Get my purse.
    2. Sometimes get my Ellie.
    3. Get all my other stuff.
    4. Diet Coke . . . oh wait. I stopped drinking DIET COKE.

    Sorry for ruining your diabetes related post. But, I wanted to comment and I don’t have diabetes.

  2. the poor diabetic

    I am a type 2 so mine goes
    1. stay on my regular schedule (meds and meals)
    2. stop every 2 hours to check
    3. at every other stop get out to stretch my legs
    4. carry my D kit (emergency n what not stuff)
    5. keep sugar pills at arms reach
    6. test before and after the trip
    7. take the D id
    8. Take the scenic route
    9. Create a manageable schedule


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