I stopped eating meat.

This is so weird for me. I am a beef and pork girl. I would take a steak over a cupcake. But for the past three weeks, I’ve been eating vegetarian, more or less.

It boggles my mind to think how many calories I am saving. I am pretty proud of myself. I find myself craving not only meat less but sweets less as well. I feel a lot better and am actually enjoying eating vegetables. The plan is to gradually replace meat and carbs with vegetables. Some veges eat like meat, such as beans. Some veges can replace complex carbs. For example, smashing up cauliflower instead of eating potatoes. Still delicious! If you’re not wanting to skimp calories, you can even throw in butter, sour cream, and chives. Scrumptious.

Soon I’m going to try to make vege pasta. Replacing pasta with veges and adding pasta sauce. It sounds amazing to me.

I’m still eating cheese (although I’m trying to wean myself off of it), milk, and eggs. I am still learning how to get protein without meat. I hope to cut back on cheese and eggs, considering the fat and cholesterol content, but it’s hard because they are such tasty low carb treats.

Pretty crazy, huh?

I don’t need no stinking meat.
(Red Robin Whisky River salad sans chicken).

Did I mention it’s cheaper too? I got a thickburger minus the thickburger at Hardees (aka Carl’s Jr) for 47 cents last Thursday.

47 cents!! No kidding.


4 thoughts on “Vegetarian.

  1. mergan

    I was a vegetarian for nine years. you should try soya products they come in a wide range of forms. from burgers; to mince; to soya fish (which i can’t stand); to soya prawns or even soya chicken. each with it’s own flavour. South Indian and South african Indian cuisines have alot of great veg dishes

  2. Bob P

    Several years ago, I ate as a vegetarian for about six months. (The things I learned have come in very handy since diagnosis.) I have tremendous respect for folks who make that choice, and hope to move back in that direction someday when I have some of my issues straightened out. Good luck!


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