Woeful Wednesday

I had made a vow to myself to avoid doing Woeful Wednesdays, because I’m all about positive empowerment when it comes to living with diabetes. Yes, the disease sucks. Yes, we have to do a lot of poking, prodding, counting, measuring, exercising, and worrying. But it’s all part of the “crap” that comes with everyone’s life. We deal with it, we integrate its care into our lives. God doesn’t give anyone more than they can handle.

But today, I’m feeling a little frustrated and down. First of all, I had to deal with Animas this morning. Now, for any animas rep reading this, I have little to complain about with Animas’ service and I never have any problems with hold times or any type of bad customer service with Animas. Just that there was no record of my call asking to speed up the delivery on Monday. Umm, what? Did I dream up the call?

I’ve now ran down to zero on my last cartridge. I have major qualms with refilling them. I have horrible visions of injecting a vicious pathogen into my body and becoming a future episode of House. So since this morning, I’ve been injecting. Not to mention that I’m sensorless because I was on day ten of my current sensor and it failed (imagine that), and I still haven’t made it home to put a new one in. I’ve been testing like clockwork once an hour, and dosing every 2 hours accordingly. Yet, I’m still running in between 180 and 250 (with the exception of the 364 I had after lunch, which prompted me to break my personal rule “never curse on twitter.”)

This does, however, make me thankful for my recent acquisition of diabetes technology. I did this shots and test thing for eleven years. Absent mindedly, I reached for my pump to dose the last time I tested. Luxury is easy to get used to, eh?


I’m very lucky.

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