d365- Week of February 1st

D365 is a project dedicated to collecting photos of the lives of people with diabetes. The flickr group can be found here.

Over the weekends for the next year, I’ll be posting my d365 photos to WordPress so you all can see them!

Day 1: February 1st,2010

February 1: Day 1 by you.

Sometimes, test strips get into funny places. I can only say, this is what I get for keeping the ipod in my purse.

February 2:Day 2

February 2: Day 2 by you.
A coworker an PWD gave me this handy dandy band-aid holder yesterday. It fits nicely in my purse and holds necessary band-aids, essential to any PWD who’s experienced a bleeding infusion or injection site or a pesky finger prick that won’t stop bleeding.
February 3: Day 3
February 3: Day 3 by you.
This is the desk in front of me duirng my ethics class. I’m sans pump and sensor today, so I’m kicking it old school: testing every 30 minutes and dosing every 2 hours via syringe. I can only imagine what the guy next to me thinks…
February 4: Day 4
Day 4: February 4 by you.
Yes, I rushed home at lunch in this snowy mess even though I wanted to stay in the office and order a pizza for that little brown box. It contains cartridges. Yay for being back on the pump after a horrible imposed pump vacation.
February 5: Day 5

Day 5: February 5 by you.
These numbers are so perfect!!! After 2 days of wacky highs, this feels really good. 🙂
February 6: Day 6
Day 6: February 6 by you.
Thumbs up for chocolate cake! My birthday is tomorrow, but since my boyfriend will be heading back to Iowa, where he lives, early he took me out to lunch at HuHot, where they gave me this scrumptious chocolate cake! Diabetics CAN have birthday cake on their birthdays!
I f you want to follow my personal set on flickr or be my flickr contact, you can find me here:

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