My 23rd year of life is now complete and I embark on the begining of my 24th. (Think about the math. When you turn 1, you have completed 1 year of life. Therefore when you turn 23, you finish your 23rd year and begin your 24th).

I had my birthday yesterday. Over the last year, I’ve had tons of ups and downs. I went through a lot of personal lows during the summer and fall. I discovered the Diabetes Online Community. I started pumping and using a CGMS. I lowered my A1C by 0.4 percent. I worked at a national park. I got a “big girl” job. I graduated from college. I started working on a second degree that will lead me toward my goal of becoming a certified diabetes educator and helping people like myself.

I’m feeling more confident than ever. Up this year, I have lots of oppourtunites flying my way. I want to start a social network for my local diabetes crowd. I am helping plan the JDRF walk in my area. I could be getting married and moving to Des Moines (but I won’t make any sudden conclusions yet, considering we aren’t engaged…ha ha).

After 18, each year makes you feel older. More mature, closer to being “old.” I don’t know when “old” starts. Quite frankly I hope it never starts for me. Not that I die young, but rather that I always live like I’m 23.

Bring it on, life. Diabetes and all.

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