Carb Counting Monkey.

I had forgotten about him. monkeys for diabetics

Carb counting monkey needs to be resurrected as I learn how to live life as a person with diabetes AND  a vegetarian. I know my total daily does has skyrocketed since I stopped eating meat as I replaced it with carby goodness.

Carb Counting Monkey, can you help me stop eating so many carbs?

If you can’t read what he says, he says, “YES, I CAN! And here is my first tip: READ NUTRITION FACTS! You can look up restaurants online and look up common foods without labels on your pump!”

Carb Counting Monkey says TATAFORNOW, but look for him on later dates!!


5 thoughts on “Carb Counting Monkey.

  1. Amy

    Okay, I know this doesn’t have much (make that anything) to do with diabetes, but your monkey is super cute – I just want to give him a hug!

  2. Tina

    I guess that wasn’t the point of the post though, lol. I hope it get’s easier. It would seem to me that all protein that is not animal based is carby. Good luck, I could never do the vegetarian life, I give you a lot of credit.

  3. Elizabeth Joy

    Hi monkey! *wave*

    I’m a 98.5% vegetarian. (Fish every once in awhile.) Beans are really tough…I eat them, but still haven’t figured them out. I do best with tofu/tempeh and grains like quinoa, which have a decent amount of protein. If you’re still eating eggs/cheese, that makes things a lot easier too. And all Morningstar products are da bomb (and low carb.) There’s also this pasta…Damn, the name’s escaping me…Dream-something? But it’s really low carb and tastes almost like the semolina stuff.

    Good luck! It’s definitely a little more tricky, especially since you’re probably eating more veggies and whole grains, which slow down digestion and mean a lot of winging it with temp basals. But it’s also completely do-able.


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