March and goals and SPRING.

I started writing this yesterday and I really, really meant to post it then. But that obviously didn’t happen, so here you go. Day late and a dollar short, but it works.

It’s March. Another month. My birthday month is over and so are the olympics.

Even though I consider February my favorite month, March comes in at a close second.

-Preparation for Easter – my favorite time in the church. This time of year, it is all about what it really, truly means to be a Christian. Christ’s ministry in full swing, followed by the last Passover supper and his death on the cross. Even if you are not a Christian, if you look at the story from an unbiased point of view, it can be POWERFUL. So in these upcoming weeks, I enjoy being in the church.

-March Madness: I LOVE NCAA basketball. I have filled out a bracket every year since I was ten except for the last two years. I enjoy watching the games and rooting for my favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks. Why am I a Kansas fan, you ask? I live in Missouri. That’s true. But I grew up close to the Kansas state line. And when I was born, my parents lived in Kansas (although my birth certificate says Missouri, because the hospital was in Missouri). My dad liked Kansas while we lived there (He has since shifted his loyalties) and had this pair of Kansas sweatpants that I can remember him wearing when I was a little girl. So I like Kansas.

-Spring Training: If I had to give up football and NCAA basketball, I’d still be OK because Baseball is my all time favorite. It’s so relaxed, yet complex and techincal, and because there are exciting times in the midst of the casualness the adrienline rush when something good does happen is phenomonal. As I watch I remember what it was like to play. I am, again, not from St. Louis but am a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I have an explanation for this too. Although I grew up in the Kansas City area,  after moving to Springfield, which may as well be called “Little St. Louis,” I jumped on the bandwagon and found a love for the redbirds. I respect that they continue to produce great teams  without the high budget that some east coast or American League teams have the luxury of.

-Spring Break – Self Explanatory.

-SPRING in general – March 21 – and after this winter and all its snow and freezing temps – BRING IT ON.

March Goals:

– Continue to attempt to work out 2-3 times a week.

-Get completley moved into the smaller bedroom.

-Find a new job.

-Read two books in the Bible (I am picking Ruth and John).

-Start an Esty busniess sewing things using the fabric I already have (no job = no money to buy any other supplies)

-Raise 200 dollars for the JDRF walk

-Plan and execute a kick off for

So there you go! March goals a plenty. Peace Out!


2 thoughts on “March and goals and SPRING.

  1. Queenie

    I love your post because we have so much in common! I also love March Madness and have filled out brackets for as long as I can remember, and still do. Although my loyalties go to Iowa, who will not be making the tournament but I still love them (I grew up a fan since I was born there), and Gonzaga, a random team I have always liked. Spring Break is always something I look forward to since I am a teacher, and I love the warmer weather spring brings. Good luck on your March goals.


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