What the DOC has done to me.

Man, sometimes I forget I don’t live in the DOC.

Yeah, so, I’m probably a little twitter obsessed. Just a little. I just love talking with other people who are diabetic on twitter. Being able to complain about being high or low or just anything and having people understand.

Saturday night, we went to a luau hosted by David’s church. I always underbolus at events where lots of food is available. But apparently, I didn’t this time! It also helped that we learned to hula after eating. I turned to the lady  next to me and said, “This is doing wonders for my blood sugars!”

But instead of a celebratory “woot”, which I would have fully expected had I tweeted about this experience, I recieved a blank stare.

I tried to show her my CGMS, but it was no use. She had no idea what I was talking about or why the hula would affect my blood sugars, whatever that is.

It was just odd because a few months ago, I never would have even said anything about it. I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it! But I’ve come to depend on my online support group, and, being a millennial and dependent on technology, I forgot for a second  I wasn’t living in computer world.

Sometimes I wish I had the DOC in real life. But alas, the world is full of people who don’t have a clue about life with diabetes.

5 thoughts on “What the DOC has done to me.

  1. mhoskins2179

    Sarah: Oh, the wonders of the Diabetes Online Community. I often myself getting lost in the real world’s inability to conform with the D-O-C, and going even a few hours without so much as Tweeting or blog-reading seems like an eternity… And I’m now in my 30s. What a place. Yet, we still have work to do in teaching people about diabetes, as your lady at church illustrates! Preach on!

  2. Tina

    I am DOC obsessed too. First it was a
    Myspace group, then my diabetic Facebook friends, now Twitter. Thanks to Katie Savin I do have a lot of RL D friends. Still, I find i do the same thing you talked about. I also find myself updating my bf on all my DOC friends. I personally am glad to have you as a DOC friend Sarah and hopefully we will meet one day and you will become an IRL D friend 😉

  3. Cassie- Vegan Fox

    Hey lady! I just found your blog 🙂 Way to go you! It’s funny how something can suddenly become important in life and get you excited to think and talk about, but people around just won’t quite get it. But WOOHOO for you!


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