I want to ride my BICYCLE

So, a while back, I talked about wanting to ride in the Ride for a Cure. Sadly, that dream died. My goal was to ride in Tempe, AZ in November with my dad at my side. My dad decided we wouldn’t be able to afford the travel costs by November, and said that I should set my goals lower: the Tour de Cure (for ADA) in June, which holds a ride in my hometown, and possibly the MS 150 in September.

(Click the pic to go to the ADA’s site for more info).

So I worked out a little training program for myself, starting with simple walks and short rides daily and working up to ten to fifteen mile rides closer to the ride itself.

To make matters worse (I kid, it makes matters better), my type 1 friend at church (For now, we’ll call her T1 friend, because I haven’t gotten her permission to use her name on my blog yet), who is a huge inspiration to me (she used to be overweight like me and has lost a ton of weight) handed me a form on Sunday for the ride. And, to top that off, she’s recruited me to ride with her at least three times a week – she works near my house.

Well, yesterday, I decided that I would do a little ride on my own. It was really nice outside (I am LOVING this weather, can you tell?) So I asked my dad if he thought I could make it to school and back. He said yeah, sure.I looked up the distance to the school online. 5.17 miles.

So, without hesitation, I decided to go on this ten mile ride. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Apparently, I had some foresight, because I disconnected 30 minutes early and downed a protein shake before leaving. It wasn’t very tasty, but I’ll be using the powder my brother uses for weightlifting again because the whole ride, complete with a two hour class in the middle of it, I never went low.

And I made it. And while my rump may be a little sore today, I don’t regret a single second.

But I am only going to ride about 3 miles today. (ha)

2 thoughts on “I want to ride my BICYCLE

  1. Tina

    I am so proud of you! What a great start! Definitely take it a little slower from now on though. Being out of shape it’s much easier to pull muscles. I’m not saying not to push yourself, just don’t hurt yourself 😉 Tour de Cure, here she comes!

  2. Scott K. Johnson

    Way to go! I’m right there with you on this. I hadn’t been on my bike in YEARS, but a friend here convinced me to ride with her in the Tour de Cure. I’ve been out a few times, but MAN my rear end is sore!


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