Cooking from Scratch

I like to do crazy things late at night – scrapbook, clean, create different things (like that new header up there) – and last night was no exception. At about 11:30, I decided to bake a cake from scratch. It’s supposed to be better for you – no preservatives, you can cut the salt and fat content, etc. Since I have a boyfriend with coeliac disease (gluten allergy) and I myself am getting tested for it soon, cooking from scratch seems like a fun and perhaps cheaper way to make tasty treats we can both enjoy. Also, you can play with fat content and sugar content when cooking from scratch.

So, I consulted Lord Google and I came up with this yellow cake recipe.

Well, it turned out to be okay as far as the process went. I mixed the dry ingredients, I creamed the butter and sugar, I beat in the eggs one at a time, and i folded in the milk and dry ingredients just like the recipe said. I poured it into the greased pan and I put it in the 350 degree oven. Some of the reviews said not to bake it for the full 40 minutes, so I checked it with about ten minutes to go. I found this:

Yep. Exploded, flooding over the sides, and collapsed. I was so discouraged I wanted to give up this whole baking from scratch nonsense It tasted okay, but I threw away most of it considering I didn’t think that it would taste good after it cooled. I was totally bummed.

So, cooking experts. What do you think I did wrong here? Any suggestions? What makes it explode like that?

6 thoughts on “Cooking from Scratch

  1. healthydealsnsteals

    I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions for you since I don’t know the ingredients. But you are my kind of cook! I do things like this all the time. Way too often. Better luck next time d-friend.


  2. Amy

    Was your baking powder old? I’ve had some baked goods that turned out a little disastrously when I was using less-than-fresh leavening agents.

  3. Olivejooice

    I Like the new banner!! I love to bake, but am no expert. 😦 Wish I could tell you what went wrong, but I just don’t have the knowledge base. Once I tried to make friendship bread for work and they turned out like crackers. Not sure what happened, but I was made fun of 😦


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