Diet Coke and I need to break up.

I know. It’s a sad story. My long time lover and I need to call it quits.

Diet Coke, you have comforted me many times with your crisp fresh taste and bubbly carbonated goodness. You have saved me from many headaches and sleepy mornings. You have rescued me from afternoon sluggishness. You have helped me pay attention in numerous classes. You have made pizza, burgers, and countless other meals tastier.

But we need to break up. I’m sorry, but what you do to me isn’t healthy nor is it helping me reach my goals.

For the past few weeks, you and I have had infrequent meetings. Without my own cash flow to purchase you, I somehow made it days without your comfort. But this weekend, my mom, bless her heart, bought me a 24 pack. And I noticed something.

Those days when I was motivated enough to go on long bike rides and complete homework assignments before they were due? You weren’t a part of those.

Those days when I didn’t snack in between meals and didn’t feel starving? You weren’t a part of those.

But since you’ve been back in my life, I have felt weak, lacked energy, and been constantly hungry.

For this reason, we need to break up.

Yesterday, I had excellent blood sugar readings but couldn’t get off my butt and get stuff done. I somehow managed to drink three 12 ounce cans of you and I felt horrible all day.

As much as you mean to me, we have to be done. I may drink one in the afternoon until my supply runs out, but after that, we are splitsville on a day to day basis. If you want to call me say, once a week, that might be okay, but don’t assume it’s going to be an everyday occurrence. I mean, this is my health and my life I’m trying to take care of and your refusal to help means we can no longer be best friends.

I’m sorry, diet coke. I must say goodbye.

Gooood byeeee….

14 thoughts on “Diet Coke and I need to break up.

  1. Michael

    Really? Diet coke has drains you of energy? I am willing to give it a try for more energy, but had no idea there were bad side effects to DC? Do all diet soft drinks have this effect on people?

    1. sajabla Post author

      For me, it does. Not necessarily everyone, I have no idea the scientific effect of diet coke on the body. Definitely last week the three days that I didn’t drink it I had more energy and motivation. You might give it a try for a few days and see how you feel. I was tired the first day because of lack of caffeine, but it didn’t take long for my body to realize it wasn’t being dehydrated and shape up. And when you have enough energy to exercise, you get the energy benefits that come with working out as well. For me, it’s a win-win!

  2. Scott

    My wife stopped 2 months ago, she lost 20 pounds. It was hard to break the caffeine addiction but once she did, it was all good. Good luck! Scott @ardensday

  3. Lee Ann Thill

    There will be more for me now!

    I actually don’t drink that much caffeinated soda, but I love Diet Coke when I do drink it. I don’t know if I’m in the majority or the minority with my steadfast resolve to keep the diet soda industry solvent, but either way, I’m firmly committed to the cause ;P

    1. sajabla Post author

      Haha good. I should ship you what I have left. I don’t enjoy drinking it anymore! So if I give it up and make it a “sometimes food,” maybe I’ll enjoy it again. 🙂

  4. Michael Hoskins

    Diet Coke and I parted ways just about Halloween. This was a longtime recommendation by Dentist, but I’d pushed it away for so long. My wife gave up Dr. Pepper and I Diet Coke. She’s had one small Dr.Pepp since then, and I’ve had only a few Diet Cokes since then on particularly stressful deadline days at work. Have felt better overall and know it’s good for the teeth to give up the acidy goodness. Now, the next challenge is giving up my coffee. I’ve tried through the years, but never managed to make this stick. We’ll see how that goes…

    1. sajabla Post author

      Oh yeah, the dentist and I have had this conversation several times. I’ve had whitening treatment twice and he always tells me if I want them to stay white that I have to quit the dark sodas…but i couldn’t. Now, last time I went, I had five cavities, and he said that if I gave up the diet coke (which is only one number higher than battery acid on the pH scale! battery acid is in the 1’s and diet coke is in the 2s!) i wouldn’t have as many dental problems.

  5. jeannie

    i had the same sort of breakthrough, except with coke zero. i would drink at least 3 cans a day and felt like my life depended on it. however, i stopped drinking it for awhile. when i went back i felt very nauseated and so lagged down before my next one. it’s a tough journey getting away from your favorite vice but i know you can do it!

  6. Casey

    I am sorry. You are making a great decision and wish you the best luck! I wish I would. But I don’t want to 🙂 Like Lee Ann… I am devoted to my 12 oz a day. 🙂

    They always say the pain goes away with time. You will do great!


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