Kicking off Weight Loss Week and Marvelous Monday

Hey Guys – my poor, poor lappy (laptop PC) is sick right now – he experienced some major symptoms last night while I was studying. I don’t have my media files to put a stamp on my photos right now and probably won’t for the week – so please – don’t steal them! They are copyright to me! THANKS!

Today’s marvelous thing falls along the theme for the week.

Marvelous Monday #2:

Taking care of yourself and it’s positive effects – looking and feeling your best.

The best part about working towards overall health is that it helps you feel your best – and with that boost of self-confidence, look your best as well. I am 100 percent for this idea that we are beautiful at any weight, but the outbreak of the type -2 diabetes “epidemic” and the dangers that being overweight can pose to type 1 diabetics, among the other health effects that obesity has have lead me to cheer on overall health that includes a healthy diet and exercise plan.

This week in my human biology class, we are studying the digestive system and nutrition. I found it ironic as I worked on my homework tonight that it fell the same week as I was writing about weight loss! We were asked to keep a food journal for a day, complete with calorie counts, and to figure out how many calories our body uses. Mine matched up within 4 calories – wowozo – no wonder I am not losing weight!

I have often set out to keep a food journal and wound up failing miserably – so my first goal for this week and my first challenge to you is to make it a small goal to write down your food intake for just one week. It doesn’t have to be perfect – and it doesn’t have to last forever. That’s what I’m trying to realize as I set out on this journey.

The journal I bought at the beginning of this year to keep track of food, blood glucose levels, mood, and exercise. I have re-started several times in 4 months!

Another thing to think about is why you are eating each bite of food. You can also keep track of this in your journal – how you felt when you ate. Later I will be writing more about emotional eating. But for this week, I am also going to challenge myself to figure out why I am eating what I am eating – am I hungry? Bored? Is it meal time or snack time? Am I angry? Am I experiencing a craving?

Healthy eating and weight loss don’t have to start with huge changes. Simply evaluating your overall eating habits can make a huge difference.

Let me know if you’re joining me in the food journal challenge! Take a picture of your journal today and on Monday, and email them to me at I will post all the pictures next week!

4 thoughts on “Kicking off Weight Loss Week and Marvelous Monday

  1. Scott K. Johnson

    It is scary how fast the calories we eat in a day add up, isn’t it? When I’m not actively using Symlin, I eat for all sorts of different reasons, most of which are NOT hunger. Can’t wait to read what you have to share about emotional eating! 🙂

  2. casey

    fantastic! I write down what I eat in a notebook that fits in my purse and is easy to use and makes me smile to use it! A good notebook and a good/fun pen is a great start.

    I had to learn that perfection is not the goal. If I forgot to write a meal down, no big deal. I write what I remember and keep on going. 🙂

    I will send you a picture, I think I have one in my D365 album.

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