Weight Loss Week: Meet Dominique

I met Dominique my junior year of high school when he was a freshmen. He quickly became known in our school choir as “wonder tenor.” He had a loud, bellowing tenor voice that matched his stature. Dominique and I remained acquaintances via facebook after I graduated. He went on to a local college after graduation. I have been following his journey with weight loss on facebook, and I asked him to answer a few questions. What I got back from him was a touching tale of his personal journey to a healthy lifestyle, self confidence, spirituality, and success. Here is what he wrote me:

My health was steadily declining, and I wasn’t able to do the things that I wanted to do. I couldn’t keep up with my roommates and best friends on campus in their physical activities. I also found that my obesity was triggering unhealthy habits and dragging me down emotionally. The absolute turning point was when my doctor told me that if I kept up with my current lifestyle, then I wouldn’t live to see 50. That was THE wake up call. First things first…I changed my diet and my eating habits. I stopped eating fast food, snacks, greasy foods ect. and drinking soda. My doctor put me on a 1500 calorie diet one that I am still on today. I joined weight watchers, so that I could have someone hold me accountable on making sure that I lost weight every week and weighing in front of everyone was motivating as well. I also hired a personal trainer and he placed me on a rigorous work out and exercise plan, over the summer I was spending 2-3 hours a day in the gym.

I started my days with running in the morning. When I first started running I barley could even do a quarter of a mile and I built on that and now run 4 miles a day. So in all the steps I took was diet and exercise. I also got prescribed some medicine from my doctor to help with my weight loss. I also had to check in with my doctor every 5 weeks to so that she could make sure I was losing weight the right way and everything with my body was in good working order. Last year 2009, I lost consistently all year about 10-15lbs a month. I also had to reward myself, If I lost the amount of weight on wanted during the week and kept up with my diet and exercise plan I would treat myself every Sunday after church to Andy’s and I would get a cookie dough concrete. I was 315lbs at my heaviest and now am 205lbs, so i have lost a total of 110lbs.

Life is great now, I find myself motivating others to take the leap to a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy now. My weight loss has helped my self-esteem tremendously. Being active is definitely who I am now, I don’t go a day without working out, if I do it just doesn’t feel right. I find myself changing the little things that you do in life to, like always taking the stairs, parking far away in parking lots, walking every chance I get. I also have lots of motivation from everyone around me and constant encouragement. I know this is cliché to say but I really did take control of my life again and I am forever grateful that I made this lifestyle change.

God definitely had a huge part in my losing weight. I had to rely on him all the way through. Actually during my morning runs I would listen to my devotions via podcasts on my iPod and use that to push through to the end of my run. I also would constantly pray to God and ask him to help take the desire of my old eating habits away, and over time he did. Anytime things would get rough during working out I would call out to him for help. Literally sometimes on my runs, I swear he carried me the whole way through. I used to hate working out and he created in me a new mind and a new spirit.

I graduate in spring of 2011 and I am pleased to say that I am moving to Orange County, California to work for JPMorgan Chase, my current employer. I will be starting out as branch manager trainee/personal banker. I am super excited and hoping to have my Beach body complete by the time I make the big move. In my free time on the west coast, I plan to take in the beach and ocean activities, maybe pick up surfing and sing on the side. I want to get down to 180lbs…I have 29 more pounds to go, but with the help of God, I will get there.

Dom’s Rules to live by:  Keep your goals in front of you and dont turn back!

Dom’s  new favorite foods he loves that he didn’t love before: cottage cheese and bananas.

Here is an average work out for Dom:

  • Warm up with a 4 mile run outside or on tredmill depending on the weather typically takes me around 38 minutes.
  • 45minutes on the EFX machine
  • 20 minutes on the Glider
  • 15 minutes of weight training. Alternating days of upper body and lower body
  • 15 minutes of abs everyday!

Thanks so much, Dominique, for sharing your story with me and my blog readers. I wish you the best of luck in whatever God has in store for you!

Picture “stolen” from Dom’s facebook page. Because I am a creepster like that.

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Week: Meet Dominique

  1. Cherise

    Dom- Kudos! it takes a lot of determination to lose weight and keep it off. May God continue to watch over you and your journey.
    Sara- Thank you for sharing!


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