Logging and Blogging and…

Logging is not near as fun as blogging. Logging basically involves remembering to write down every blood sugar test, every ounce of food consumed, and every moment of exercise and somehow quantify that data in a manner that will help you control your diabetes in some sort of a more manageable fashion.

Last week, I challenged you all to keep a food journal with me for just one week. I am sorry to say I only made it four days. The weekend was crazy and there was lots of snacking involved (two six hours drives – driving is the worst, I want to eat the entire time!) so I just didn’t get around to writing it all down. But today I started again, complete with calorie intake and exercise goals at the top of the page for the day. I am actually more motivated now that I’ve realized it isn’t that hard!

Here are the pictures of my journal and my entries for Wednesday and Thursday. It is so much more fun if you have a cute notebook and fun pens!

I asked you all to send me pictures of your own food journals. I only received pictures from one person. Casey is awesome and you should read her blog here. She is a type 1 diabetic and a pharmacist, which makes her pretty cool. Here are her pictures:

Thanks, Casey!

What my journal showed me was that I am getting the majority of my food intake after about 4pm. While I do snack sometimes in the afternoon, I usually eat calorie-heavy dinners (whatever dad cooks) and then continue to snack until whenever I fall asleep. Now that I know this, I can work to change it!

Back before I used a continuous glucose monitor, I started testing 15-17 times a day (about every hour I was awake) and logging these numbers to try to mimic a  CGMS before dropping the cash. This was how I discovered how badly I was suffering from Dawn Phenomenon!

Do you keep a food, blood sugar, or exercise journal? When you first started, what did you find out?

6 thoughts on “Logging and Blogging and…

  1. Liz

    Great job on the log… 🙂 I use an excell spreadsheet on my laptop. It’s easier for me, as I agonize over the caloric and carb math. lol I have learned that, for me, the devil of the calories is in the details… It’s not good to ‘eyeball’ the amount of peanut butter, or of nuts, or other calorie dense, rich foods… so I always, always have to measure, with my digital scale, or with actual measuring spoons… I was getting too many calories from ‘eyeballing’ measurements too much. Also… I learned that if I eat too few calories in the morning, I will pig out like crazy later in the day, trying to make up for that lack of energy, I guess… The hunger is not more even, like on a more balanced day.

    1. sajabla Post author

      Thank you Liz! Great suggestions. I have been meaning to get a kitchen scale if not for calories, simply for more accurate carb counts, since my body is so sensitive to carbs! As little as 2 grams can affect my blood sugar numbers.

  2. Tina Shaye

    I am not food logging right now. I think the days when my sugar is low I couldn’t keep track at all and it would only be depressing to look at later. I will tell you though that the smart scale is awesome! I got it a year ago and it really, really helps get the carbs right especially for fruits and veggies. You are doing such an awesome job!


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