The Endo Visit

So I have been meaning to write about my endo visit last week, but hadn’t had the time yet because I have been doing so much writing about weight loss.

I had an endo visit last week. Let me tell you a little bit about my endo because I am very blessed, but I only recently learned this.

When we moved to Springfield, there were no pediatric endocrinologists in the area. We had two choices: either drive to Kansas City every three months to see a doctor at Children’s Mercy Hospital, or visit the Children’s Mercy doctor that made the visit once a month to Springfield. For three years, this was what we did. My teen years did not find me caring too much about my diabetes care, so it was no big deal to me. My A1C hovered around the 8’s and because I wasn’t thinking too much about diabetes, this was fine with me.

A lady at our church who has type 2 recommended Dr. M to us. She was supposed to be the best in town. Unfortunately, Dr. M would not see me until I was 17 because she firmly did not do pediatrics. However this gave us the chance to schedule my post – 17th birthday appointment with her well in advance.

The first few years were probably the years that I struggled most with diabetes denial and self-care. Dr. M was merely a backdrop to my life, and her care didn’t amount to much since I was not taking an active role in my care. I got to a point where, just before discovering the DOC and finding motivation within my self to actually take care of myself, I thought about changing doctors – I did not feel like she was helping. I believe that was last May when I considered this. At about that time, I found the DOC and started blogging in Mid-July.

In September, I came to her armed with information. I wanted to pump, and I wanted to use Animas. Could we look into continuous glucose monitoring? Oh by the way here is four weeks of blood sugars, logged hourly each day, and could you please increase my prescription for test strips from five checks a day to ten checks a day? I’m running low… And can we revisit this symlin issue? I’m not sure it’s working out  for me…

Needless to say, she was floored with my new found active role in my care. She had a new spark and came with tons of information for me and a side of her that I had never seen before. I now knew I was in the right place. Since taking this active roll in my own self care, my A1c has dropped a full percent.

That’s right. While a year ago I was steadily between 8.0 and 8.5 percent, I am happy to report that my last A1C result was a 7.1 percent. Best ever since diagnosis.

Mainly what was discussed during my most recent appointment was Symlin use. I wanted to try and use it again in order to curb my post-meal peaks, which I could now see more accurately since I am using my trusty Dexcom CGMS. I am hoping for that elusive 6.0-6.9 number at my next visit. Coupled with my push for diet and exercise, I think the Symlin will make it possible.

Next I have to deal with her new scheduling fiasco. She said she had to change her schedule for personal reasons, which is fine, but now I have to schedule my appointments six months out.

Despite her schedule, I’m really happy I made the decision to stick with this endo. It just goes to show that your diabetes care is 95% what you do on your own. Don’t be afraid to be pro active in your care. Your doctor and your body will thank you for it.

6 thoughts on “The Endo Visit

  1. Dayle

    Wowsa – congrats on the 7.1%!! That’s a huge win – looks like you’re doing the right thing, so keep it up! 🙂

  2. Sarah K

    You go girl!

    Diabetes management is ours to handle, not the doctors. It’s just hard to do it when there doesn’t seem to be anyone else out there who struggles with you. That’s where the DOC is such a blessing to thousands of people! It’s a positive impact on us and makes us feel like “Tha Big D” isnt’ so “big” afterall. I’m glad you found us and started blogging.

    Good luck reaching that A1c in the 6 range! It took me about a year to get it, but I finally did, and I feel soo much better. You are working so hard on it, I would be surprised if it WEREN’T in the 6’s this time!! Crossing my fingers for you!!

  3. jenny

    awesome job on the a1c!! I went through sooo many endos because of my lack of compliance. Mostly it was them saying “you are not going what you should, i no longer want to be your dr” ouch. that hurts! it is amazing that you have a new outlook on diabetes!! good luck on the 6’s. i don’t think ive had one EVER. except before diagnosis.. lol

  4. Cherise

    I am so proud of you!!! Great JOB! Think baby steps, one day at a time and you’ll be fine. DID I mention how proud I am of you? 6 is doable….

  5. Scott K. Johnson

    Great job on the A1C improvement. That is fantastic! It is really great to have a doc that will help energize you and one that feeds off your motivation. I’m sure you’ll get where you want to go with that working for you!

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