Ouch, That Really Hurt!

A long time ago, back when I first started DOCing, I came along this post by my lovely friend K2 aka Kelly Kunik, which is actually just a repost of this post that she posted way back in 2007 when I was still a sorority girl and had no clue what in the heck the diabetes online community was.

I remember when I first started reading diabetes blogs, I felt like everything everyone was saying was something I had done or experienced. That’s why most of us read, write, tweet, and social media it up diabetes style, it makes us feel less alone. However, Kelly’s post mentioned above contained something I had never even thought about doing. Maybe it was because I checked my blood sugar so infrequently in high school and my first go round of college. I don’t know. All I know is that the other day when I was cleaning I happened upon a huge piece of glass that was left over from a broken dish I had cleaned up a couple weeks before. Not seeing said piece of glass on the floor, I gathered debris from around it, and you can probably see where this is going. If you can’t see where it’s going now just look at this picture:

Yep. Massive cut. I almost cleaned it off immediately but something reminded me of Kelly’s post above. And I let it continue to gush and drip on the floor as I dug both my meter and of course, my camera out of my bag. It was running down my finger and dripping on my carpet but I let it keep going because I obviously had to test my bg AND somehow manage to take a lefthanded pictured of this mother gusher before cleaning it up.

You bet your behind I made it to the meter, strip and all, using only my left hand. And if the above is any indication, you can guess that after 3 or 4 tries, I managed to take a picture of the bleeder.

And yes, I tested. And this was the result:


5 thoughts on “Ouch, That Really Hurt!

  1. k2

    Hey Chicklet-
    AWESOME blood sugar indeed!!!
    Thanks for the shoutout my friend – I’m so glad that I influenced you to test mother gushers!
    And I hope your boo-boo’s feeling better~

    Kelly K

  2. Lorraine

    Youch! It’s hard not to be tempted to check your BG at the sight of blood. Caleb even suggests it – it just seems so obvious! Hope you are ok!

  3. Tina Shaye

    OK I believe it was your bg because it’s not 104. I am convinced 104 is the number all pictures of meters are required to show. So yay to your great BG and poo to your bloody digit.


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