Freaking Weekend! OVER.

Phew. I had a long, exausting weekend. We drove home from Iowa on Friday night and got stuck in Kansas City for a while, putting us home at about 2am. On Saturday we had to be up and at the park for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes at about 8:00 to help set up tables for lunch. And on Sunday, we drove to Lawerence, KS for some family stuff with David’s family.

This week has also been exciting on the diabetes front and I have SO MUCH that I want to write about this week. Bowersox! Michaels! JDRF WALK! Adventures! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! OK, I’m getting a little hyper. Breathe. I had an exciting, exhausting weekend. I’ll start with the Second Annual Ozarks JDRF Walk 2010!

I had never participated in anything JDRF before – at all, so becoming involved in the relatively NEW JDRF Ozarks Chapter started by my good friend Jessica a year and a half ago was something new to me. Let me tell you, I had a blast! Here are some pictures from the actual day-of:

Ozarks Walk sign

My Team!

The walk route signs

Follow the Flags!

It is always great to see so many people coming to support diabetes research. We raised over 75,000 dollars for JDRF. It was all in all a great day. We even had brats and chips donated for lunch. I hope to be more involved in the planning next year. This year I just kind of showed up at meetings.

It is easy to get in to deeper things when it comes to the walk. My good friend Scott who came down for the event from Kansas City has a great blog on this topic here and I encourage you to read it.

5 thoughts on “Freaking Weekend! OVER.

  1. Diabetes Diplomats

    Sara – saw your @mention to us on Twitter and thought I’d check out your blog! I’m sooo happy to see that you’re actively raising awareness and doing your part to help find a cure for diabetes! You embody a Diabetes Diplomat.


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