My Goals

I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish as far as helping people living with diabetes go. I usually make goal lists based on things I can do for myself, but lately I’ve been so inspired by things DOC members participate in in other parts of the country as well as things that Celebs like Brett Michaels and Crystal Bowersox are doing for diabetes that I need to create an organized list of things I want to do NOW, things I want to start now, things I can do before I graduate and become a certified Diabetes Educator. But I don’t just want to be an educator. I want to be involved in non-profits that help people with diabetes and other things I am passionate about, things I am still discovering. I want to continue to advocate for diabetes. I want to continue to write, continue to blog, continue to reach out and continue to help others outside of my office. I want to leave this earth at the end of my life knowing I did everything I could to help everyone I could to know that a life with diabetes can be a full life, a healthy life, and a life that doesn’t have to be centered around your disease.

1. I want to start a support group for adults with type 1 diabetes in my local area. This is so huge to me. The DOC has helped me so much, and I know it has helped others, but I want share it with people around me who may not get as excited about the internet stuff, or even those who do who may benefit from face to face support and fellowship. This is probably my first goal. I need to figure out how to do it though.

2. I want to start some sort of retreat for young adults in the Midwest. I looked into going to D-Treat and got really excited because, in hopefullness I guess, I read “Northeastern University” as “Northwestern University” and thought that the western retreat was in Chicago – a totally do-able, 8 hour drive for me. But Northeastern is NOT Northwestern nor is it in Chicago. So I would like to start some sort of thing that would be more accessible for young adults in the Midwest. Boston and Berkley are not exactly around the bend for us. I’m thinking of working with some existing D-camps and going from there. We’ll see. I’m not exactly sure how to do any of this.

3. I still want to start up my micro social network for local diabetics in my area. I’m still brainstorming and looking for ways to do this.

Those are my short term goals. I am so inspired and motivated. It’s going to take a lot of work and doing and moving and I’m counting on my diabetes online family for support. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for any of these things.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “My Goals

  1. Michael Hoskins

    Great ideas, Sarah. Sounds like you have the workings of a great plan. For someone also in the Midwest (Indiana is, you know), I really like the idea about a D-Retreat or something. Wonder if Chicago might be a central location? I’d venture to say Indy, but it might appear I’m biased on that one. Anyhow, will look forward to keeping in touch on this and seeing where it goes!

  2. Bob P

    Great list! I haven’t looked, but I’d imagine you could find webby guidance on starting/running a support group — support groups would have a lot in common, regardless of whether they were about diabetes or not.


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