Snipits: When did June sneak up on me?

It’s June today. Are you SERIOUS?

As you can see, my June actually has some action packed into it. I mean, I am taking Genetics this summer, which isn’t exactly exciting but will at least give me something to do. Then in about two weeks I’m supposed to ride in the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association, provided I a) raise enough money (I need 150 dollars!) and b) I start riding my freaking bike so I will be able to at least ride the dang 16 mile ride. I also have a wedding to go to that weekend of a very good friend of mine from college which should be beautiful because she is such a beautiful person. And then I will, of course, be gearing up for the Roche Social Media Summit which will be monumental for a number of reasons. It will be my first time meeting several d-bloggers in person. It will be the first time I attempt airline travel with an insulin pump and CGMS attached to me. And of course it will just be a little time to get out of the midwest. I wish I had some extra money so I could either spend more time at the Children With Diabetes conference following the summit or just stay with my aunt who lives in Orlando and just roam around and hang out. But it’s okay that I don’t since I will have to get back to Missouri and resume summer school classes so that I do not fail.

TODAY is also my BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY! She is now caught up with me in age. I used to be able to say I was older than her and be happy about it, but we are slowly getting to the point where she gets to say “haha, you’re older than me” for four months. Anyway, she reads my blog all the time, so I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! And you should say happy birthday to her too. She is an excellent supporter and I love her very much!

I love her so much I made her this cheesey thing:


3 thoughts on “Snipits: When did June sneak up on me?

  1. jenn

    just had to comment….I used to tease your mama cause I am about 4 months older!! I don’t do that anymore either….


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