MedCo Fails Again.

Remember this post? The one where MedCo LOST my insulin order because I had a pending automatic refill and I didn’t get my insulin until almost TWO WEEKS after I ordered it and I had to deal with the brick and mortar pharmacy not running the prescription correctly and charging me 66 dollars for something that was supposed to be free? Remember how furious I was with the company?Now that I’ve gotten used to calling in mail orders for testing supplies, insulin, symlin, pump supplies, and sensors I am less frustrated with the mail order pharmacy than I was way back when I first started having to order things via mail. I used to forget to order them in time because I was used to being able to pick them up in the store on the same day. I am actually beginning to think this mail order thing is not so bad. No long lines, no finding time to drive to the pharmacy, no driving from pharmacy to pharmacy to figure out which one actually has insulin pens in stock (seriously, it was like pulling teeth to find humolog quickpens when I was still on MDI…everyone had to order them!).

I liked it, that is, until Medco messed up. Again.

Last week, I called MedCo on Wednesday and ordered the test strips. I had some problems getting my insulin ordered, but that’s a whole different story that has to do with my doctor leaving a key phrase off my script (change of therapy). The test strip ordering seemed to go off without a hitch. But when today came around and I had received the other two scripts I ordered on the same day, I was a little concerned about the whereabouts of my test strips.

(You may have heard me whining about having one strip left on Twitter. No big deal, this guy was kind enough to loan me some so I’m hopefully covered for now).

As you may have guessed, MedCo had no record of the test strip order.

I’m not sure what happened this time. I had to be transferred to a supervisor to get my insulin script filled. The only explanation I can come up with is that the woman who took my test strip order somehow never completed the order. I didn’t remember her name or write it down. It may not have been her fault, it could have been a computer glich like last time. All I know is that MedCo is playing with people’s lives with these “errors.” Had it been insulin, I could have ran out and been basically SOL (excuse my french). I mean, COME ON, Medco. Get it together. People using your service are sick. It’s not like we are ordering video games here!

Unfortunately at this time my insurance offers me no other pharmacy options. It’s MedCo, or pay out of pocket. Which is kind of stupid but even with this year’s copay hikes they cover my drugs and supplies ridiculously well. My specialist copays are a little high but I deal because of the great drug coverage. I just hope that when I finally have a job (hopefully before I turn 26) that provides me with my own drug coverage that it is at least as good as my current coverage. Because, let’s face it, a few snafoos in ordering is nothing compared to where I’d be without insurance coverage.


7 thoughts on “MedCo Fails Again.

  1. Dana

    Did you know you can also order p
    your prescriptions online with Medco? That’s what I do now for my mother-in-law. So far it has worked for us. Sorry for your hassles.

  2. Jim

    I also use MedCo. Usually its great, especially doing it online. Its that pesky, oh yeah I need to order this SOON that I sometimes get messed up on. They do send out reminder Emails that I usually ignore. I can understand wanting to be able to drive up to the store to get it RIGHT NOW, but hey, I’m also lazy and like to just press a button and let it come to me, less stress, better BS right?

  3. Olivejooice

    Those poopers!! I hate being without test strips…and one vial of it without insurance is like 35 bucks here!! More than my copay 😦 I hope that this is the last of the problems you have with them. Sorry Sarah!

  4. mhoskins2179

    Seems like Medco, NextRx and ExpressScripts all conspire to offer the same result… (sigh). Hope it gets better and you don’t have to deal with “zombie idiots” much more, but you’re right: at least we have insurance coverage! Good post, despite the suckiness of these situations.

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