This is kind of an interestingly saddening and infuriating story. With a hopeful ending.

So tonight, I was kind of frustrated with life.

Some family friends recently lost their 14 year old son to an undetected heart defect. My parents went to his visitation tonight. I wanted to go, but I had to study for my test this morning. So I stayed home and attempted to concentrate. But instead of concentrating, I got to thinking about life and love and the meaning of it all.

Sometimes, this is not a happy topic to contemplate. Especially when your former youth pastor’s son just passed away at 14, and your former boss’s nephew is in the hospital due to a brain defect that didn’t show up until he was 13, eerily similar to Kenny’s heart defect, and your other former youth pastor is in the hospital for high blood pressure on top of other problems (something to do with the wall of his aorta I think, the initial hospitalization happened a while back so I can’t remember, if any Asbury people want to post correct description in the comments go right ahead.)

This on top of recent losses in the Diabetes Community.

So I sat there in my room, attempting to study for my genetics test (not a test of my genetics, but rather, a test in the genetics course I’m taking this summer) and pondering whether life really has any meaning or not. I mean, I’ve been on this crusade to touch people with diabetes and to educate people living with diabetes that control is possible, but really, in 100 years, I along with everyone I know will more than likely be dead barring any major advances in medical science.

Way to be a Debbie Downer, HUH Sarah Jane?

But no, seriously, just hear me out. I was sitting there, trying to decide whether I should study or not, absently mindedly reading twitter posts, when I came across a DOC Bashing Session against one Dr. Don Colbert.

In case you don’t know who Dr. Colbert is, this is his website and this is what Kelly Kunik discovered in a book her wrote lying around in a CVS.

So basically, this doctor guy has the gall to go around and use people’s faith to sell his products and tell them that their diabetes can be cured with prayer.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty angry that people like him exist who merely manipulate people’s faith for money, and this guy has the audacity to involve people’s health in this grand scheme.

After following the conversation between Dr Colbert and several DOCers on his Twitter Page, I was ready to study again. Life didn’t feel so meaningless again. This is what I meant by this tweet: I can’t watch this anymore…I have to study…thank you @DonColbert , what u did do right was put the fight back in me to educate ppl on D.

We have to fight back. We have to get people educated so they know not to listen to people peddling lies about health and especially about health and faith just to make a quick buck. We have to prevent tragedies like this from happening again and again.

And that’s why I started studying for my test again. Because to educate others, I first must educate myself.

Yeah, I wish I had started majoring in dietetics or nursing five years ago. But God had other plans for me. God may or may not have “given” me diabetes, that’s up for debate. But I know one thing is for sure, he blessed me to be alive in a time when insulin is readily available and modern medicine is making strides toward finding a cure. That’s what I have faith in. I am so blessed to have access to insulin and everything I need to be healthy. And I will do everything I can to let everyone know that I can that they can be happy and healthy too.

5 thoughts on “This is kind of an interestingly saddening and infuriating story. With a hopeful ending.

  1. mhoskins2179

    Way to go, Sarah Jane, on getting back to studying and using this individual’s misguided stupidity to focus your studies. You’re absolutely accurate in saying we must educate, to prevent these types from being as successful as they are in spreading misinformation and profit-driven lie. Thank you for doing your part here! Think it’ll be a topic we see a lot of writing about in the coming days…

  2. Tina Shaye

    Great post Sarah. I know that your friend’s son’s passing has had you sad. I am sorry to hear about the other youngster suffering in your life as well. Life has a way of making us sad and then kicking us in the ass and showing us that if we can’t see the silver lining than we better get out a silver marker and draw it in ourselves. I am glad that through studying and mourning you got out your silver marker 😉

  3. Olivejooice

    Well said Sarah. I know you are going to make a fantastic CDE! I think that now’s the perfect time for you to go for it, because you have become so passionate about it and might not have been in the same place 5 years ago (plus, we’re still young!).

    You have a bright future ahead of you!

  4. Lizmari

    People are desperate for answers, and solutions, and they’ll listen to any person that will have any shred of ‘hope’ or ‘sense’ that they can find, fake or not. Even people in our very own DOC fall prey to quacks, like Dr. Mercola. He’s another crazy alarmist, telling everyone to basically not eat anything, and avoid everything… and that electricity sensitivity in your house can give you Diabetes. :/ I just can’t imagine WHY people would ever listen to such crap. Seriously. Any person that is trying to alarm you, and then sell you a bunch of stuff because you need to be ‘safe,’ and they are they only person that can help you… is a quack.

  5. Kyle

    FYI, Dr. Colbert does not manage his Twitter account, but is managed by a third party site. So you basically argued with one of our passionate staffers. I would know because I am his son. I hope this clears up some of your anger.


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