Roche is Serious Business.

In case you don’t already know, I am excited to inform you that I have been invited to the Roche Pharmaceuticals Social Media Summit next week in Orlando, Florida. I leave on Monday, the actual meetings take place on Tuesday. I will be staying in a resort with a bunch of other diabetes bloggers and social networking gurus and we will be discussing with Roche the future of the pharmaceutical-patient relationship and other topics of interest. I have to admit, I have been (and am) pretty giddy about meeting some big wigs in the diabetes online community as well as some other bloggers with whom I feel I have a close relationship. But fun-ness aside, I was looking over the list of attendees Roche sent out the other day and two things occurred to me.

1. I think I am the youngest person who is attending. Chris is pretty darn close to my age and Allison is a few years older than me, and I think a few other people there are within a few years of me, but if my assumptions and calculations are correct, I will be the youngest. Now, even though I have grown up an oldest child, this is nothing new to me as far as the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) goes. I’m used to being one of the youngest with only a few people younger than me around and several close to my own age. However, I sometimes feel as though I am less mature and outgoing and sometimes oblivious to the way my actions are perceived to those around me. I mean, let’s face, it I talk, and I talk a lot, and I don’t know when to shut up, and I don’t know when to turn off, and sometimes it’s hard to sensor me, and… nevertheless, I want to be taken seriously. I am going mostly to learn, but I have some thoughts and ideas that I would like to be heard and, again, taken seriously. I don’t want my personality and, perhaps, immaturity, to get in the way of that. So my plan is to be confident, practice thinking before I speak (wait, what is this newfangled idea?), and try not to feel intimidated by the “DOC Big Wigs” I’m going to be meeting. Which brings me to my second thought.

2. No seriously, guys. As much as there are a few of us who are kind of crazy and out there (Yes, I’m talking about you), I am also really intimidated by some of these people. Like David and Elizabeth of Diabetes Daily. Manny of TuDiabetes/EsTuDiabetes. Jeff from Children with Diabetes. And then there are the crazy awesome blogggers like Amy and Kerri. These are just to name a few. There are so many more who will be in attendence.

Serious business.

I’m not meaning to sound like a scared puppy. I am INCREDIBLY and beyond imagination flattered and awed that I was invited and I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to its fullest extent. I think it could actually mean some big things for me in the future. I am simply wanting to put my feelings out there so maybe, just maybe, these self confidence issues will be a little less apparent when I step onto that plane next week.

After all, I’m a diabetic superhero, right?

7 thoughts on “Roche is Serious Business.

  1. Allison Blass

    God, this is actually depressing me. For so many years, I was the youngest (or one of the youngest) in the diabetes community (I was 19 when I started blogging) and now I’m NOT. I AM OLD. 😦 Gah…

  2. Allison Blass

    BTW – some people think of me as a “DOC bigwig” and I still get nervous too! I think we all do. But the key is to do it and do it often and never give up on something your passionate about.

  3. Kerri.

    I, for one, am looking forward to meeting YOU! (And I hope you forgive me for being incredibly awkward and silly. I have no social polish whatsoever. No reason to be intimidated. But Manny? He is scary. 😉 )

  4. Dana

    You will be just fine! Have fun and learn and enjoy meeting all those new people! Well, they won’t really be new because you “know” them on their blogs! Sorry I haven’t been a good exercise partner. I had good intentions, but life has gotten in the way! I am headed to Florida tomorrow for a few days as well! I look forward to hearing about your trip!


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