Get over it, Body!

Wednesday nights have been pretty psychotic for me since the first full week of June. That’s because I have a test every Thursday in my six week genetics class. Wednesday nights I spend “cramming.” I put that in quotations because I start studying before Wednesday but I am the type of person who has to go over, and over, and over again the material for a test. I never suffer from actual test anxieity during the test, but the night before is usually sleepless even if I try to sleep so I usually spend it going over material until I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open. And then there’s my attempt to blog every day, which only adds to Wednesday Night Stress. And then there’s this week and last week when I’ve been preparing to leave on Thursday after my test (last week for camp, this week for Iowa).

I guess you could say I’m a little psycho myself because I have decided to head to Des Moines for the weekend and return the DAY BEFORE my flight for Orlando leaves. And yes, I also plan on going to Des Moines the day after I return from Florida. But being with him is a stress release of sorts. I am able to relax and be myself without expectations and also have the assurance of knowing that when I am with him I always have someone to talk to (the point of relationships, right? companionship? (and then there’s that whole reproduction thing, but that’s far, far, far, far into our future).

I signed up for genetics in the summer (at 7:30 AM!) because the genetics work I did in my cornerstone biology class last semester was boring to me. I was not looking forward to playing with fruit flies for an entire semester. But it turns out I don’t have to take the lab portion of the course. I am actually really, really enjoying the lecture portion. While my professor is older and his lecture style isn’t ideal for my style of learning, I am learning a lot from him and I am wishing I had taken the course during a normal semester so that I would have more time to learn more. Especially since my study habits have landed me on getting an 80 on my second test, and because of the competitiveness in attaining a Dietetics internship after graduation, I’d really rather get as close to a 4.0 as I possibly can. Right now I’m OK because I have 10 points of extra credit, but as I type this I am thinking, get back to studying!

My blood sugars have really taken a hit to this odd schedule. I’m not one to sleep at night (I’ve tried, believe me). Five weeks isn’t that much time for my body to adjust to an odd schedule. I’m waking with fasting numbers anywhere from 273 to 104. Not a fan. And while I have perfected the correction-dawn phenomonom-coffee morning bolus, if I don’t come home and eat right after class I wind up in the 60’s or 70’s by noon. But I’m afraid to adjust because I only have two more weeks of this schedule before it’s who knows what in my six weeks off.

Get over it, body!

I think my body is angry with me for still being in college with no end in sight. College life is not condusive to the routine that is best for PWD’s.

Get over it, Body. This is my life, and I will not have your autoimmune disease ruin it!

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