Better Safe than Sorry

So I do this silly thing where I let my pump run down to 2, 1, or 0 units before I change out my cartridge and infusion set. Part of it is laziness, and part of it is the part of me that cringes in pain seeing how much insulin gets stuck in the tubing and cartridges. It just looks like money in the trash can to me. So last night when i had about 20 units left when I fell asleep, I knew full well that a site change would be in order for the morning.

Upon waking and taking my usual anti-dawn phenomenon bolus (dawn phenomenon is where the hormones that activate in your body upon waking cause your blood sugar to unexplainably rise) I still had about 8 units left. Plenty to get me thru two hours of class. But midway through class I took a correction for my 140 flatline. When I got home I had two units left and went ahead and did a site change, even though I would have liked to use up those 2 units.

My first infusion set made me slightly suspicious. Back in February when David and I traveled to St. Louis to attend the JDRF family retreat, I experienced my first bent cannula. I mean that thing was bent. It was physically crooked. So when this one felt a little off as I removed the needle, I decided to go ahead and move the site, especially pre-travel.

I pulled out the first try expecting to see a bent cannula, because the needle was slightly bent when I removed it. Instead I saw this:

Perfect, pristinely straight cannula.

Well, bullocks.Wasted infusion sets FTL. Oh, well, better safe than sorry on a plane.

Speaking of three letter symbols, I better get my butt into gear so I can make it to SGF on time, eh?

1 thought on “Better Safe than Sorry

  1. Tina Shaye

    If I am home and not going out I let it run to empty. Knowing that there are 20 units left after it reads empty is just too tempting and wasteful to throw ten units away. Isn’t it? OK, so it’s also laziness with me also 😉 I think a lot more people do it than we would expect lol. Bummer about the wasted set but better safe than sorry.


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