How I missed lunch with the BF and successfully failed at being a prepared diabetic.

Sometimes Murphy’s Law really ticks me off.

I am writing this for you in the midst of another classic Murphy’s Law diabetic catastrophe, full on Sarah-style. I have been known to be forgetful especially when it comes to diabetes supplies. More than one family vacation has found me traveling to the pharmacy with my dad to get more test strips, insulin, or even purchase a meter because of things left at home. As I have gotten older I have become better at packing all the necessary supplies as well as an overabundance of extra supplies in case of Armageddon or something to that effect. But sometimes I still screw up, and this was one of those times.

First of all, I am down to zero infusion sets. Currently in Iowa, sitting at the BF’s dining room table; this trip to Iowa was interrupted with a trip back to SWMO, his hometown, for car fixing shenanigans as well as a stop in at good ole church camp. Somehow I managed to leave an entire box of infusion sets at his parent’s house. I am so not sure how this happened but I know exactly where I left them: right next to the armchair in the living room (aka my bedroom). So here I am with an infusion set that has undergone a full 175 unit cycle of insulin that is probably screaming to be changed, but as long as my numbers are under 300 I am OK with it until I get home this evening.

Empty bottle, torn apart cartridge, and sad face.

Second thing has to do with insulin. I was worried that I would run out from just after I arrived on Friday based on the amount of insulin in the three bottles I had with me. But I knew I could always drive home a day or two early if I ran out, so I went with it. Turns out I had the perfect amount. Unfortunately I somehow managed to pull the plunger right out of the cartridge when I was attempting to refill my pump for the ride home, spilling the last 100u of my precious liquid life right onto my shirt.

No insulin. None. Six hour car ride ahead of me. Current time without insulin: 1/2 hour. I could cry.

I am currently awaiting a call from the doctor’s office telling me that they have sent my prescription to the nearest pharmacy. One bottle of insulin out of pocket coming right up.Thanks, Medco.

To top it all off, I was supposed to have lunch with the boyfriend before I left since we won’t see each other for a bit. I had to miss that because 1. I have no insulin to eat with and 2. I’m waiting for them to call me.

Murphy’s law.

Be prepared as a diabetic. I thought I was prepared this time. I had packed extra juice boxes, crackers, infusion sets, cartridges, test strips, and even tossed my back up meter, Patsy the Purple One Touch Mini, in my bag. But somehow, Murphy’s law played a trick on me. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Such is life with Diabetes I guess. Just thankful I live in a country where I can find a Walgreen’s on every street corner. Thanks, Prohibition.

3 thoughts on “How I missed lunch with the BF and successfully failed at being a prepared diabetic.

  1. Michael Hoskins

    I’ve been known to abide by Murphy’s Law myself, though ironically as it turns out NOT on the D-Life side of things. Usually, for whatever mystical reason, I’m usually prepared and don’t seem to get in weird situations while traveling (knocking on wood, as I’m about to embark on a weeklong camping trip to Michigan…). Always pack extras, and I’m a little compulsive in checking to make sure I’ve got them… Even when Suzi packs for me. Always double check. Though, I’ve been known to have to buy some shoes or even a belt or toothbrush thanks to “someone’s” packing – or lack thereof. But you’re right, at least we have the options of Walgreen’s and other stores nearby just in case! Hope your travels and trip to Indiana turn out well with the family!

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