My Doctors are Women.

I’m not a feminist. I want to be a stay at home mom for some portion of my children’s lives. I think that the statistic that women make less money than men is skewed by the law of averages. But I’m by no means against the notion of women’s empowerment.

Two of my specialists are women,including my endocrinologist (diabetes doctor), and so is my therapist. And it drives me nuts when people call them “he” without knowing their gender.

The people at the pharmacy do it. The insurance company does it. The people at MedCo do it. Even people on twitter do it. I am not mad or frustrated at any one certain person, just be aware. My doctors are women. They are not men, and it offends me, as a women, when you assume that all doctors are men.

K, Thanks, bye.

5 thoughts on “My Doctors are Women.

  1. Tina Shaye

    I think people refer to any and all professionals as males when they don’t know. It drives me crazy! My own doctors even do it when refering to each other. This world needs to wake up and realize that women are just as likely to be a doctor, lawyer, judge, etc. Annoys the crap out of me.

  2. Jacquie


    I think it’s important to point out, too, that feminism doesn’t generally mandate that women work outside the home. Instead, it’s about having the choice to stay home and take care of your kids, or go out and work (maybe as an endocrinologist!), without having to apologize for it.

    That’s all!


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