Thanks, Banting and Best.

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Today is the day that insulin was isolated in a Canadian lab by Fredrick Banting and Charles Best in 1921. They truly deserve my due thanks.

89 years ago, people with diabetes like me were given the first “cure” for diabetes – the death sentence of people showing lack of or resistance to insulin was soon to be banished as this miracle was discovered and later on presented to the world.

I haz insulin.

I’m forever grateful to these two fine gentlemen and the work that they did. In fact, thinking about them, in that lab, working on dogs (thanks, puppies too) and discovering that indeed, when insulin was removed, the dogs became diabetic, and when it was added again via injection the dogs became well again makes me tear up.

Thanks for giving me 11.5 and counting extra years of life, Banting and Best. You guys were awesome. You truly changed the world, at least for me and millions of other type 1 diabetics (and may type 2’s, too).

Banting and Best, if you were alive, I’d hug you. Thanks for saving my life.


4 thoughts on “Thanks, Banting and Best.

  1. Mike

    Something that every TYPE 1 needs to know and it is paramount that we pay our thanks and respects to the people who dedicated themselves to discovering Insulin.

    I wasn’t aware it was today, thanks Sarah Jane… 【ツ】

  2. k2

    Sarah Jane-
    Thanks for pointing out todays date and what happened to change the history of the world. Two Amazing men changed the world & saved millions of lives. Because of them we have so much to be grateful for! I wrote them a letter a while back and thanked them myself. Hope it’s OK to add the link to my comment.

    Sending you and the kind Docs virtual hugs and boatloads of thanks!
    Kelly K


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