Diabetes, it is a Changin’

I was going to post about how I’ve been doing alright lately.
I was going to post about how for the most part, Dexcom has been giving me straight lines. How for the most part, food isn’t making a less than welcome hill on the graph. How I know this isn’t just a sensor issues, because I’ve been confirming with finger pricks. How my averages for the past 7 days linger somewhere around 130. How it’s weird, because I’m not doing anything that different and somehow my numbers have seemed to settle down. And then I woke up this morning. I woke up this morning to a number. And that number was 281.

281, REALLY? I was 154 when I went to bed and I corrected.

Switch hands, finger wiped down with an alcohol pad, prick and re test.


And Dexcom? Dexcom had been riding at 197 for a few hours, just 3 points below my high alarm. Had it been closer to my actual blood sugar, I might actually know when I spiked and I might have been able to correct earlier.

*sigh* Alright then. Diabetes, you confuse me.

4 thoughts on “Diabetes, it is a Changin’

  1. Lorraine

    Grrr indeed. But just do what you have been doing. Use the number, act and move on. You’re great at it.

    PS: I’m with ya’ on the DexCom variability. 30 or so points doesn’t sound like much, but in cases like these, it makes a big difference.

  2. FatCatAnna \\^^//

    I hear you Sarah on your frustration – it’s like WTF! Lately, nothing I seem to do makes much diff to my BG control as well – trying not to let it effect me mentally (yeah – easy to say right?). I’m actually contemplating going back on the pump today – after being on holiday from it since April – but I’m actually SCARED of going back – as I know my basal rates need to be changed with menopause S#$%. Yes, life is such a roller coaster ride – let’s sit in the front car – and hang on tight and SCREAM all together!

  3. Sarah

    GRR! I hate that for you! Mine has done that before. Been almost perfect, then you even THINK about tweeting it and BAM! It eff’s with you messes you all up.
    My dex has been off too. The worst was when it showed 360-something and I was really only 164. It was WILD!
    I honestly hope they fix the variability before introducing it into the automated insulin pumps. Cuz that woulda been baaaaaad! Until then, we can fuss and scream at diabetes together. 😉

  4. Michael Hoskins

    Yes, I can’t stand those fluctuations. But particularly I’m bothered by the CGM variances – they make me hesitant to embark on that path until newer generations limit that variation gap more. We’ll see… Good luck getting a better handle on the numbers! Hopefully answers present themselves.


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