Scratch Everything! And Training Tuesday

While I cant make the full announcement yet, I want to tell you to scratch everything about yesterday’s post because I had some miraculous things happen to me yesterday and I will fill you in as soon as I can – but I don’t want too much confusion. Basically FORGET EVERYTHING.

Am I crazy, I know. I’m sorry for the confusion. But I have a better way and I am so ready to announce it and get started, but I can’t yet. But those of you who volunteered, thank you very much. I will still use you. Don’t worry. Expect an email later this week. P.S. You’re AWESOME.

Now on to today’s post. Tuesdays I plan to talk about exercise from time to time, considering it’s something I’m attempting to do more. Yesterday I actually exercised a lot, for me.

So far I’ve discovered three things.

I love the elliptical. I don’t have one here in Springfield, but when I’m in Des Moines I can use the one at David’s apartment complex gym, and the low impact is perfect for the problems I have with foot and leg pain. I have much less pain on the elliptical than I do while walking/running outside or on a treadmill. I’m glad I don’t have one here thought because I don’t want to get burnt out on it.But I am really glad I have one at my disposal when I’m visiting my boyfriend.

Somehow, treadmill incline helps my leg pain. I don’t typically use the incline on the treadmill just because of how much my shins, ankles, and feet hurt most days. Yesterday I was adventurous and I tilted that thing way up. Of course I felt it in my thighs and calves but that was the good kind of workout pain that comes with a good workout. The places where I typically feel unbearable pain were much less painful with the incline.

Circuit training makes things easier for me. I’ve been doing this thing I call circuit training. Basically I do cardio for 10-20 minutes, I do some strength training, then I hit up the end of my cardio. I’ve done this twice now and it makes finishing the cardio so much easier. I know you’re supposed to keep your heart rate up while you work out, but this way just makes things easier for me. And not to mention, for me, it has blood sugar benefits. For me, aerobic exercise causes my blood sugars to drop while anaerobic exercise typically causes them to rise. Putting anaerobic exercise in the middle of my cardio work out has, the last two times, kept my blood sugars from dropping like the typically do when I work out for longer than 30 mintues.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that going on a walk with two huge dogs is a great workout? I love my pups.

2 thoughts on “Scratch Everything! And Training Tuesday

  1. Olivejooice

    Plus, treadmill with the incline is great for your butt!! Can’t wait to hear more about your announcement. I love how crazy you are, I hope we can meet someday!! 🙂


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