The Much Anticipated Update

So I didn’t really realize it’d been a week since I’d updated. I have much to share.

Last week I went to the Endo. She didn’t have much to say except that she thought I was doing well and she encouraged me to up my symlin dose from 45mcg to the full 60. She also mentioned that I would be a candidate for upping the dose to 120mcg if I felt like the 60 wasn’t working. I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet…it makes me feel like a bit of a failure because I know she is wanting me to move up to 120 because I’m showing signs of insulin resistance. I’ve got to get my act together soon or I could wind up with the cursed double diabetes.

That aside, I had two job interviews this week. Here comes my next bit of exciting news. I have officially decided to work in Utah at Dinosaur National Monument for the next six months on the same internship program that I worked for last summer, through the Student Conservation Association. I’m reporting next Saturday. Holy Cow! It happened really quickly and I am fantastically excited.
What does this mean for project 417diabetes? Well, for now, I am hoping to work on it remotely and get it up and functional by the end of September (meaning with members and plans in place). I’m going to need people on the ground in Springfield to help me out with advertising, so if you live in the area and would like to help go ahead an email/comment and let me know.

Thanks again guys, you are all awesome.

Happy dinosaurs!

Photo Credit: NPS archives, click for link

5 thoughts on “The Much Anticipated Update

  1. babscampbell

    I’m so excited for your opportunity at Dinosaur National Monument! My parents lived just a few miles from there and we spent alot of time at the quarry. It’s AMAZING! I hate that you’re going to be even further away. . but, so excited for you too. Keep in touch!

  2. talesofmy30s

    I’m sure in this day and age, you’ll be able to do plenty for 417. Hope we can see you on your way out!


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