Adventures in Utah: Dino Vlog #1

First video diary entry as I prepare to adventure to Utah next week:

Yeah, the preview has me eating my hair and I choke on air in the beginning but I’m supposed to look like crap, seeing as I just cleaned out my car. Hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “Adventures in Utah: Dino Vlog #1

  1. babscampbell

    I’m SO excited for you! What a great adventure. . can’t wait to see your videos!
    I told you this, I’m sure, but. . my parents lived in Vernal for several years and we visited the quarry, where you’ll be working, so many times. I loved it there!
    Let me know if you need some introductions, help finding a church, etc. We know some lovely people who will love you immediately and make you feel like family.
    Talk to you soon and hopefully we’ll see you on Wednesday for lunch. ❤


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