Life as a PWD and a Mom – Guest Post

I met Brandi, PWD, Army wife, and Mom extraordinaire, on Twitter about a year ago and we instantly connected because we are the same age and are both trying to make it through school. When I asked her to guest blog for me, I was very excited to hear about her life as a mom and a person with diabetes. I hope that you enjoy her post as much as I did. Thanks, Brandi!


Hi! My name is Brandi. I blog (occasionally, getting better) at and I’ve been a T1 diabetic since November 1999. Since I’m currently in between insulin pumps, I’m doing MDI’s (multiple daily injections). I’m on Levemir(basal), Novolog(bolus), and Symlin for meals. I was on the OmniPod but the reservoir was too small for my needs. Now, I’m currently awaiting training for a MiniMed Paradigm Revel. I’ve been waiting almost a month now. See, my endocrinologist and CDE are Army providers. Remember the Army motto “Hurry up and wait?” Yes, that applies to the doctors as well. My endo and CDE are only in the office about 2 or 3 weeks a month. Good thing I’m able to call their cell phones if I need to.

I have a wonderful support system for my diabetes. My husband is still learning after 4 years of being together. He watches what I eat more than I do. My daughter, McKenzie, is almost 3. Everytime she sees me checking my sugar she asks, “Mommy, you got a booboo? Does your finger hurt?” She’s so perceptive, yet I’m happy she’s too young to understand it. I’ll teach her when she’s a little older. My mom is a T2. She manages very well. I lived with her for 2 years while my husband was in Iraq and doing training in Georgia. My dad is a T1. He has been for as long as I’ve known. He’s had 2 amputations from complications of the D. Yet, he’s always in good spirits. I admire him. My family is the reason I watch how I manage myself.

I’m learning to cook differently now. Less fried foods, less sugar, more vegetables. Instead of cooking a different meal for my husband, he eats what I have to. It’s easier on me. Good thing is that he actually needs to eat the same things I do. Of course we have one day a week where we eat anything. That’s our free day. We usually save that day for when we want to go out to eat. Just recently, I had to buy 3 gallons of orange juice for my husband. Such torture!!!

I’m also on antidepressants. I’ve been reading other D-bloggers that somehow this connects with diabetes. I will say that I’m pretty much able to manage my depression fairly well. It doesn’t help that I live in the rainiest part of the country. The beautiful Pacific Northwest. Moving here has been havoc on by levels. They have some of the greatest food here. From seafood dishes to awesome Chinese food, I can’t help but indulge a little.

That’s my life in a nutshell. I’m a diabetic, more importantly, I’m a wife and mother.

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