Needing and Wanting but not Having

I don’t want to neglect my blog now that I’m out here in Utah and working full time.

I need to blog. I want to blog. I want to tell you about how hard it’s been to keep my numbers in control since I got to Utah. I want to  tell you about the awesome Type 2 lady I met tonight at the staff meeting (she’s a campground host but is actually leaving tomorrow!). I want to tell you about the scenery and show you pictures.

But getting used to my new job, my (second) new apartment, my new roommate, and recovering from the busiest day of the enitre year (normal day, 150 people pass though, today, 640!), I am just simply too exausted.

So I will say, happy September, one of my favorite months. And happy Monday. And I’ll catch you on the flip side. Hopefully tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Needing and Wanting but not Having

  1. Paige

    It’s ok. Everyone knows you are busy, and we all think you are super-cool. I love you, friend, and I am so proud of how brave you are out there in the wild wild west.

  2. Michael Hoskins

    Happy September, Sarah Jane! Hope it’s going great there in Utah and all is working out! Life can be crazy enough as it is without any blogging, so make sure to get all in order there for yourself before diving back into the DOC! See you when we see you!


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