Good Days. Maybe.

I think I like today. I think it’s good. It’s something I can’t get my head around. -Angels and Airwaves

The other evening, when the (fantastic) roommate and I were hanging out with the guy who lives on the other side of the apartment complex, he asked me this question:

“So aside from this job, what’s new in your life?”


I graduated from college.

I broke up with my boyfriend.

I moved to Utah.

That’s about it as far as happenings in my life.

I mean, those things are pretty huge. Like, life shaking huge. And I am still adjusting. Maybe I’m not adjusting, maybe that’s why my blood sugars are constantly high and when they’re not high they’re in the basement and I can’t seem to hold things together emotionally.

It was a nasty breakup.

It was a big move.

Honestly, things like this have happened in my life, but not since I started taking care of my diabetes. I haven’t felt this much emotional turmoil in a long time. And now I feel sick all day long. I don’t want to test (but I do) and sometimes I forget to take my insulin (I mean how hard is it to push a dang button?). But essentially it’s like I’m back in college again and I don’t like it.

I’m hoping things will settle down. I’ve made some friends here but most of them will be leaving in a few months. I am eternally grateful that I have internet access so I can keep in touch with people back home as well as my beloved Diabetes Online Community. I’m not sure I’d survive sans the net. Last night was hard. Killer. But today is beautiful. And there’s going to be some hiking, and some praying, and some more taking it one day at a time.

Oh yeah, and bg tests and insulin. That’s gonna happen too.

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