Please Remind Me

Please remind me that I do in fact have diabetes, and that just because I’m lazy is no reason to forget about it and eat whatever I want and go back to checking my blood sugar 2 times a day instead of 10 and disregard Dexcom all together.


Please remind me that people die from this disease and it’s not a joking matter.


Please remind me that I’m still human and bouts of burnout, apathy, and denial are normal and I should not be feeling guilty about this.


Please remind me that it’s harder to get back on the horse when it hurts when you fall off.


Please remind me to grow up and stop being a child about everything in my life, including my stupid disease.


Please remind me you’re all still there and you still care.


Please remind me that it’s just life and it is what it is.

7 thoughts on “Please Remind Me

  1. FatCatAnna \\^^//

    Oh Sarah – yes we’re still all here and care (I never forget my weight loss buddy from the earlier this year). Your “Please remind me” sounds exactly like me during the years I’ve had diabetes except I had no D-OC or any diabetic mates to express those feelings. To be able to write what your heart felt feelings to the world means you know what you are doing, even when we slack off abit (do you have time to sit down with me and let me tell you what I’ve done over the years??? ). You are blessed – WE ARE ALL BLESSED (Cherise Shockley is rubbing off on me).

  2. Babscampbell

    Hey Girl. . just reminding you I’m still here and you’re still a rockstar to me!

    Thanks for this post! Since I’ve only been at this a year, I haven’t “fallen off the horse” yet but I certainly have gotten sloppy often enough. I never would have imagined a disease, I couldn’t have prevented, carries so much guilt and emotional baggage with it.

    “Please remind me that Iā€™m still human and bouts of burnout, apathy, and denial are normal and I should not be feeling guilty about this.”

    I needed to hear this today. Thanks for putting it in writing for me!

    Hugs to you m’girl! ā¤

  3. Lee Ann Thill

    How could I not care about someone who stayed up half the night helping me after I busted my hand??

    We all have times when motivation is scarce, but you’ll get past it, chica šŸ™‚

  4. Lorraine

    Still here and still care. One day at a time. You can do it. I’m looking at your superhero persona – she can do it – she’s in you – you can do it!


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