Monday is November 1st, in case you’ve been time traveling or in a coma for a while. That means that it’s time for several things. November is considered Diabetes Awareness Month in various communities. It is also the month when World Diabetes Day falls. It is also the month that contains the anniversary of my diagnosis, the anniversary of my insulin pump use, the anniversary of my continuous glucose monitoring use, and the anniversary of my mother’s birth. Other things that fall in November are my roommate’s birthday and my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday, as well as that lovely American holiday known as Thanksgiving.

November is also National Blog Posting Month‘s no topic month, meaning you can write on whatever you want. NaBloPoMo usually has an organized theme for each month. Members are supposed to post every day for that month on the posted topic. Since November is non-topic month, as well as Diabetes Awareness Month, many people in the diabetes community chose to post on diabetes for the month.

Even though my blogging has been sub par as of late, I am going to participate again this year. It’s getting colder outside, I have less opportunity to do outdoorsy type activities, things are slowing down at work meaning I’m less tired when I get home, and despite my lack of posting, I do have a lot I want and need to talk about. But fair warning. I am dealing with a lot of internal conflict right now. A lot of it is concerning diabetes. Let’s face it, the D and I are just not getting along right now. I don’t really think that it is inappropriate to bring these feelings to light this month. Yes, we should remain positive as a group, but part of having diabetes is dealing with the mental stress it puts on the person with diabetes.
So stay tuned, November is going to be a doozey.

Oh by the way, in case he reads this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

1 thought on “NaBloPoMo

  1. Lee Ann Thill

    When I did NaBloPo last November, I was miserably stressed trying to get stuff posted everyday, and finished the month, but swore that off. I tried it again in September because the theme was ‘art’, and it was incentive to make more art. I succeeded in making more art, but on the last day of September, I traveled to CA, and completely forgot to post so I blew it. I’m done with NaBloPo. For me, it’s not fun, it’s just stressful, and the quality of my posts tank… but thanks for giving me an excuse to bitch about it.

    All that being said, I hope it’s more fun for you than it’s been for me, and I hope you fulfill the blogging quest 🙂


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