Welcome to November! and The Big Blue Test Video that Can Save Lives!

November is one of my favorite months for a lot of reasons. It was before I became involved with the Diabetes Online Community and Diabetes Awareness Month for Thanksgiving, football, and fall temperatures. Not to mention I got a nice break from school every year. But this month is exciting for people with diabetes, people who support people with diabetes,  and diabetes organizations. It is an oppourtunity to educate, support, and advocate concerning diabetes.

Speaking of support, the Diabetes Hands Foundation has partnered with Roche Diagnostics, the makers of Accu-Check, to create a video for WDD advertising the Big Blue Test. For every view this video receives before November 14, a child who cannot afford it will receive life saving insulin. The video is less than two minutes long, so it would not take up too much of your time to watch it. We need 100,000 views to get Roche’s full support of  $75,000. Check it out.

We only have until November 14, so get to watching!

1 thought on “Welcome to November! and The Big Blue Test Video that Can Save Lives!

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