National Diabetes Month

I have gotten some looks when I have told people that November is Diabetes Awareness Month. My favorite happened last year as I was co teaching a freshmen orientation class. The professor asked about my fingernails, which were painted bright Diabetes blue (pictures will come after I paint them in the next few days). I exclaimed to him, “It’s Diabetes Awareness Month!”

He made a face. “You’re copying off of Breast Cancer Awareness. They have pink, you have blue, you took the month after them.” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say. There was nothing “Official” about November being Diabetes Awareness Month, except a few organizations who decided it was so (Like the American Diabetes Association).

There WAS nothing official, until now.

I discovered yesterday that President Obama has officially declared November 2010 as National Diabetes Month. HOW COOL! We are presidentially recognized. Thanks, Mr. President. Your proclamation only helps our mission to support, educate, and advocate this month. Rock on!

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