Why Am I Wearing a Blue Ribbon?

For the month of November, I am wearing a bright blue ribbon in my hair.

The “Diabetes Blue” color is actually similar to the color blue that my sorority uses (Alpha Delta Pi). Back when I was a sorority girl, a long time ago, I had bought a roll of bright blue ribbon for various sorority arts and crafts type things. I then transfered schools, but kept the blue ribbon. Little did I know  it would come in handy for World Diabetes Day.

I am wearing a blue ribbon in my hair this month in hopes that it might spark some conversation. So far, it hasn’t. But I have worn it the last four days, wether it matched or not. I am wearing this blue ribbon for support, for advocacy, and for education. I am hoping to educate others on diabetes awareness by wearing my blue ribbon.

But I’m also wearing my blue ribbon for hope. I hope for a cure. I hope for all of those in the DOC and beyond the DOC who have passed away from this wretched disease. I hope we can see a cure happen. If not in my lifetime, then in my future children’s lifetime. I wear my ribbon for hope.

How are you showing your “diabetes spirit” this month?

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