The Friday Five

Even though I am posting this late on Friday night, and most of my readers will not read until tomorrow or even Monday, I am going to go ahead and do a Friday Five because a lot of awesome things are going on right now.

1. The Big Blue Test – I mentioned this earlier this week, but the Diabetes Hands Foundation hosts an event every year on World Diabetes Day called the Big Blue Test. What the Big Blue Test is trying to do is encourage healthy diabetes lifestyle by showing what exercise can do. What you do to participate is test your blood sugar at 2:oo your local time (although I when I do it it will be 2:00 somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean), do 14 minutes of exercise, and then test again. You then report your results to the website.

This year, to get the word out, DHF made an awesome video. But while the video itself is fantastic, the really amazing part about it is that they partnered with Roche Diagnostics, the makers of Accu-Check products, to provide insulin to children in need. For every view before WDD, there will be a donation (up to 100,000 views) made to provide children with insulin. Since the video has been posted a lot of places across the DOC, I’ve put it at the bottom of this post rather than here for your viewing pleasure.

2. Be Part of the Cure, literally – The Diabetes Research Institute is also doing something really awesome this month. DRI is a fantastic organization dedicated solely to finding a cure for diabetes.  They are doing a gigantic, awesome fundraiser this month. If you go to the website, for just a 10 dollar donation you can upload a picture of yourself to fill the letters “cure”. I am taking a short vacation this weekend and am waiting to see how my finances pan out before adding my own picture (may have to wait til the next paycheck), but you should totally consider donating, because this is pretty awesome.

3. Type 1 Talk – On World Diabetes Day, JDRF is hosting a live UStream broadcast at 3pm Eastern (when I will be unfortunately working) concerning diabetes research and advocacy, and it should be really awesome. Their new Type 1 Talk program has potential to be really good, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this broadcast. I also like that they are calling it “type 1” and not “juvenile” – good job, JDRF. Also, check out their Type 1 Talk facebook application.

4. Our Diabetes Memorial – Amy at Diabetes Mine has developed a project very personal to her and her experience with diabetes. It’s a memorial website dedicated to friends and loved ones of the DOC who have lost their battle with diabetes. You can add your loved one and even upload pictures. Everyone grieves in different ways, and if this is the way you chose to honor those who have gone on then this site can be a real resource for you. I think this fantastic project will help many people deal with loss in times of grief and in times of remembrance.

5. I cooked an awesome dinner tonight as part of my new goals, which I will talk about in a day or so. I thought I’d share as my final point today. I made pork chops and salad. To make the pork chops, I put them frozen, in an 8×8 glass pan with a can of condensed cream of potato soup, 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, and 1 1/2 cups of water. Before you add the liquids, run the chops under warm water for about 10 seconds and dry rub them with crushed red pepper and black pepper. I didn’t add any salt, there is plenty in the soup. You can even buy low sodium soup too. I cooked it at 350 for an hour, although next time I think I will do 45 minutes and check them because they were the tiniest bit tough.

For the salad I just threw together iceberg and romaine lettuce, one tangerine chopped, and one fresh avocado sliced. Then I added some low fat Asian dressing (I used the Kraft kind). It was way better than I expected it to be. One dinner success, not from a box and not microwaved. I am proud of myself.

Have a fantastic weekend. Tomorrow is my D-Day!

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