Almost Forgot to Post Again

It’s not that I don’t have anything to post about. I have a lot of diabetes-related things to post about. Like bad sites, accidentally snapping my tubing in half, people I’d love to understand not understanding. That’s not really the reason that my nablopomo posts thus far are so lacking in, well, content (see yesterday’s awesome wordless post – did I say awesome? I meant lame).

Seriously though. At home, most of the people I was close to knew a whole bunch about diabetes. Because I had explained it to them. Or, in my parents’ case, they’d been though education with me. But this weekend I had a few times when I just felt like no one understood.

For example, I wrote on Saturday night that I had almost completely ignored diabetes on Saturday, with the exception of testing before meals and taking insulin. It was pretty awesome, except I wound up with a blood sugar of 300+ upon leaving the museum we visited in the afternoon. Not wanting to freak my host out, I didn’t mention it, just took insulin and moved on. But when we got back to their house, much later and after a couple rounds of mall-laps, I was still over 300. Frustrated, I ripped out my site and put in a new one. Instead of bolusing the correction, I took it as a shot. This move turned out to be too much and I wound up with a 2 am low after my 11 pm correction. I was not amused. So when I woke up to my host asking me if I’d “slept well” I merely mentioned that their dog had licked my face all night long and left out the part about the 2am low that resulted in a 6am reading of 240. I just didn’t want to take the time to explain it or freak anyone out.

I also attempted to explain to someone what basal testing was, to no avail.


I guess diabetes is “in the closet” for a while. I’m ever more thankful for the DOC, and will probably be tweeting and reading tweets more in the near future, especially as I undertake basal testing this week.

Oh, and tomorrow is national dblog day. Hope you’ve got yours ready and scheduled. Mine will probably post at 11:45 pm mountain time, as has been my pattern the last few days. Hope that’s okay with you.

P.S. It’s still beautiful here.


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