This is Easier than I thought.

I like capitalizing and not capitalizing random first letters in my post titles. Maybe I’m channeling Crystal?

Today I stepped on the scale and imagine my surprise when it showed me as 7 pounds lighter than I was three weeks ago! And (sorry TMI time) it’s even that time of the month, which usually makes you heavier! WOW, I am impressed. Part of it I’m sure is that I’ve had little to no snacks in my house. Mostly due to tight funding, with my trip to Provo last weekend. I guess it’s easy not to snack when there aren’t any snacks. And I even survived. As someone smart once told me, once you stop eating so much you don’t want to eat so much anymore.

I’m a little surprised, however, at how quickly the 7 pounds came off. Maybe it was a fluke, and when I get on the scale in the morning it will magically increase by 5 pounds. Who knows. But I know one thing for sure, there is nothing like a little success for motivation.

I even went for a walk tonight in the freezing cold. How’s that for a lifestyle change?

OH! And my blood sugars were also fantastic today, probably due to the low-carb style of the food I had in the house.


1 thought on “This is Easier than I thought.

  1. sweetcherise

    Congrats on shedding 7 lbs. I am so proud of the steps you are making. I have to give you a lot of kudos because I walk when its 40 degrees in Indy. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to walk where you are.


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