7 Days of Thanks – Day 3

I am NOT thankful for headache time, nor am I thankful for infusion sites that are painful and you don’t really know if they’re working, but judging by the 174 with the sideways up arrow and the omelette with no added carbs and diet coke for breakfast (that’s right, diet coke for breakfast), I’m thinking maybe this little guy that I just put in this morning might be a little crooked. Nevertheless, Miss Lola Pingy Too is the first thing I am thankful for today.

  • Being able to afford and use insulin pump therapy (For over a year now, wow! Time flies, I feel like I am still a new pumper!).
  • Waking up to a sunrise over the mountains every day

  • Sunglasses that fit over your glasses

  • Phone calls with my parents last night
  • Cell phones in general because they are so great for keeping up with people you love when you are far away
  • Having parents who are able to help me out enough that I can afford to have an internship that doesn’t pay too well
  • Having an internship – even though it doesn’t pay too well. It’s a job I love!


2 thoughts on “7 Days of Thanks – Day 3

  1. FatCatAnna

    Yeah-aren’t Fitovers the best for sunglasses that make us look like movie stars (I also have sensitive eyes to the sun – partially due to having rosacea). BTW, when these first came out – they looked like welder glasses – real geeky – but man oh man – sunlight was kept out of my eyeballs.
    I’m like you – thankful that my hubby’s work paid for most of my insulin pump theraphy – without his workplace – I wouldn’t be able to afford to pump with Salvador Dali ( http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/Adieu_to_my_Antonio )
    Be Blessed (I love that phrase from Cherise – makes me feel so good \\^^//)


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