7 Days of Thanks: Day 4

Today I am thankful for:

  • Social Media and the internet because it allows me to not only stay connected with my friends and family but it has allowed me to meet so many awesome people with diabetes and caregivers of people with diabetes and feel like I am not alone in this.
  • Snow – it’s so pretty, and not only that but it is staying in the mountains! That means no slushy mess to get my boots wet, and I still get to see the pretty white stuff

  • Zyrtec – why I have allergies in late November, I don’t know, but after three days the Zyrtec is finally starting to work and I no longer have a sinus headache!
  • A free place to live – as an intern I’m considered a volunteer by the Park Service. I live in government housing for free, with only my work being my rent. It’s pretty sweet, especially considering the fact that I don’t make much money as an intern.
  • Sliverton the Blood Glucose Meter – he’s got my back.

  • Having people to spend thanksgiving with – I will be headed to my neighbor’s house to feast this Thursday. I am so happy to not have to sit at home on Thanksgiving.
  • Plane tickets home for Christmas – thanks Mom and Dad, I can’t wait!

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