7 Days of Thanks: Day 6

It’s the eve before Thanksgiving, and I’m having mixed emotions. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s the three F’s I love: Family, Food, and Football. I am blessed with wonderful cooks in my family (and I guess I am learning). When I was young, we would take trips to my great grandmother’s in northern Indiana every year and meet up with my HUGE family on that side. She had 8 kids, 7 of them are still living today. Family gatherings can get crazy!

When she became sick as she grew older, we stopped having Thanksgiving in Indiana and started having it with my mom’s family. My grandparents have lived in lots of different places, but this year they moved to Springfield, just ten minutes from my parents.

Today Dad called me from my grandmother’s house. He was helping her get ready for tomorrow. I also was updated that my aunt and uncle and cousin are on their way to Southwest Missouri from Iowa. I was sad. I miss my dad, my grandma, their cooking, and the rest of my family. It will not be the same to not stay up late and play spades and farkle like we usually do.

I am trying to convince my adopted “family” out here to play Mexican Train dominoes with me tomorrow. At the very least, maybe I can teach the kids! I am excited to hang out with the few who live in park housing. There will be 8 of us total. I am excited for food and friends – two F’s this year, and maybe some football. Even without family, there are still three F’s. God seems to provide when we need him to.

Q: How do you manage diabetes on Thanksgivng?

A: I don’t! That’s not completely true. Last year, Dexcom helped a lot and am loking forward to using it again this year. I will probably do a large bolus with either a combo bolus extending after the meal or an increased basal rate to catch the runaway fat and carbs that will hit me later. I will then watch my Dexcom, and after a few hours make a correction.

Day 6:

  • This morning I could not find my glasses. Very thankful for the ability to afford glasses so I can see, and I pray I may never lose my sight to diabetes.
  • I’m thankful for avocados. They are filling and although the carb content has been debated, they don’t seem to increase my blood sugars. Yes, I know, you are not supposed to buy fresh fruit and veges out of season, but I love them so much I have to!
  • My neighbor kids. They make me laugh and are very cute. The 8 year old girl popped a water balloon in my face today. It had no water in it but it sure made me laugh!
  • As much as I hate it, I’m thankful for the cold weather. It seems to have cleared up my allergies.
  • I am thankful that I got an extra day off work. I will be having a 4 day weekend next weekend, spending a few last days with my roommate before she is finished with her internship and I am left to live alone. We will head to Salt Lake the day before her flight for some food and window shopping. I can’t wait!
  • I’m thankful for my grandma’s corn casserole recipe, as well as butternut squash in general. I can’t wait til my Thanksgiving cohorts try my foods tomorrow, I hope they like it!
  • I am thankful for the support I got on Twitter this morning. I rolled my infusion site off in my sleep and woke up well over 300. I needed to tell someone, so I told twitter! Thanks, DOC!

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