I Love my Brothers and other Tales of Diabetic Siblings

Diabetic siblings are special kids. Not siblings with diabetes, but siblings of kids with diabetes. That’s why Sherry, mother of a type 1 and a non-d kid, who blogs at Jenna’s Pet Monkey, And Alexis, author of Justice’s Misbehaving Pancreas, also a mother of a type 1 as well as a non-D kid, have come up with the idea of a special day for d-siblings.

I don’t remember diabetes being a particularly huge concern in my house. I was almost 12 when I was diagnosed and could pretty much take care of myself. My mother and father never did my blood sugar tests or gave my shots for me, I always did all of those things myself. My brothers probably don’t think of diabetes when they first think of me.

One of the memories of the day I was diagnosed involves my brother. I’m not sure he knew what was going on, but he knew his sister was going to the hospital. He gave me a long hug before we left. I remember that so well. I think after I got home and it seemed like I was not sick, he realized that I wasn ‘t dying or anything and resumed his normal little brother antics. I also remember that he related to me becasue earlier that year he had his apendix removed.

The biggest thing that stands out in my mind is the temper tantrums that sometimes showed (show?) up when my blood sugar was high. My brothers had to endure these, and sometimes my youngest brother would even stand up for me! He hated hearing my parents and I yell at each other.

My brothers are 21 and 16, and I’m 23. I hope that they’ve always looked up to me, and I hope that they respect me for being strong when it comes to dealing with diabetes. They are amazing kids (slash young adults?) and I am forever thankful for them.

Me looking ridiculous and my brothers and my brother's girlfriend. L-R China, David, Sarah, Jon


2 thoughts on “I Love my Brothers and other Tales of Diabetic Siblings

  1. Sherry

    Awesome post! Jenna has those hyperglycemic temper tantrums too. Jazmine is often the brunt of them but none of us are exempt. Jaz will sometimes say with a grand rolling of the eyes “We better check Jenna – I think she’s HIGH!” Lol!


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