That thing where I list search hits and wonder why these people clicked on my blog.

Search hits are always fun to look though, and WordPress makes it easy (one reason I switched from blogger). It’s also that time, the “it’s the end of November and I’m starting to suffer from diabetes blogging burn out” time of the year. So this is what you get. Search terms and my responses. Enjoy!

  1. starlix or symlin or bromocriptine or repaglinide or janumet or sitagliptin
    Alright, well, this is interesting because I imagine that you only got a hit of of the word “symlin” because I have no idea what the rest of these are. I hope I was informative. It’s interesting you clicked on my blog five times from this search. Maybe I’ve mentioned Symlin five times in my blog. Not sure.
  2. insulin bottel
    Oh lord, this is just proof of my inability to spell and inability to edit my own blog.
  3. still lifes diabetes supplies
    Perhaps this is a reference to diabetes art day? my project was more abstract than still life, but it was still using diabetes supplies so there you go I guess.
  4. insulin penns
    More evidence of my own spelling errors? Yeesh.  

  5. dori
    YES! Just keep swimming.. 

  6. thyroid mishawaka
    Yes, my family is from Mishawaka, and yes, many of us have thyroid problems. You gotta problem with that?  

  7. carbohydrate hangover
    Maybe this was a post Thanksgiving search, and I gotta believe they hit on my hot pocket post a few weeks ago. But seriously, if you’re having carbohydrate hangovers, it’s probably time to get tested for diabetes.
  8. biohazard bag ouch
    Hahaha, the biohazard bag. Every diabetic woman has one.  

  9. lady cats drexel high school basketball
    Aww! This is so sweet. I attended Drexel High my 7th and 8th grade years, and you probably found my diagnosis story when you searched this, because that’s where I mention the Lady Cats, I think.  

  10. emotional eating blogs
    Again, yeesh. Do I really talk that much about emotional eating? Although I did do weight loss week, even though it didn’t help me lose weight much. 

  11. what it feels like to have diabetes
    It kind of sucks. But it’s different on different days. Maybe I’ll dive into this topic more later. Something tells me I already have. 

  12. which is the earliest break through in diabetes type 1 and when its going to be work
    I hate to leave this on a sour note, but this one made me really sad, because I don’t have the answer and I know this person is probably desperate if they clicked on a person with type 1’s blog looking to cure their illness. I hope there are breakthroughs, and I hope they work soon. I feel you. I hope with you. But until then, we’re all in this together, for better or worse.

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