And NaBloPoMo Wraps.

National Blog Posting Month for diabetes bloggers officially comes to an end today. To be quite honest, this year was harder than last year, but I can tell you that I am glad I did it, and I’ll probably do it again next year, because let’s face it, I like talking, especially when I’m pretending people are listening.

There was one advantage to posting every day this month. While I didn’t have any grand events to attend or any money to donate, I did take the time to get myself back on track, diabetes wise. And I’m not going to guess at what my A1C would be if I had it taken tomorrow (read: still high), but I am at least dosing insulin, testing my blood glucose levels, and I even wore a sensor for ten days. (Note to self: download data).

But November brought lots of other things into my life. It brought a new relationship that I can’t say I’m anything but happy with. It brought my first Thanksgiving without my family, but the realization that the people you love and are close to are your family. It brought a range of temperatures from 75 to -10 F here in Northeastern Utah, along with the first snow of the year and 20 degree hikes.

And even though I’m dealing with the “other D” (read: it’s dark and cold out and my brain chemicals apparently dislike that), trying to frantically finish the last class I need for a college diploma (more on that later), mourning the fact that my roommate is moving out on Saturday (and I get to live alone in the cold Utah winter in the middle of nowhere, What The Heck?), I’m calling November a success. Because things don’t have to be perfect all the time for life to be good.

And trust me, Diabetes or no Diabetes, Life Is Good.

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