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I literally decided to do Reverb 10 just a few minutes ago. I read LeAnn’s post (she’s brilliant as always) and that was the final decision: I’m going to do it Reflection? Manifestation? I am into these things.

So why am I doing this besides the fact that I am totally into LeAnn’s writing style? Let’s just say 2010 has been a year of interesting things as far as my life goes, and December is shaping up to be (just 23 hours into it) a veritable pit of depression with the exception of the two and two one half days I will be spending at home (because the first and last days will include lots of flying and driving) near Christmas (but more on that later). It’s my hope that in reflecting and manifesting, I will have a more positive outlook on my situation.

I have some diabetes news I want to deliver as well, like my pump replacement and interesting phone call with MedCo this afternoon. I’ll try to integrate, we’ll see how it happens.

My one beef with Reverb is that they’re posting all of the prompts day-of. Since I don’t plan on taking my laptop home and since I’m spending this weekend in Salt Lake City, we’ll see how this daily posting thing works out this month. With NaBloPoMo, I could schedule my posts because I wasn’t following prompts that showed up the day of.

Anyway, regardless, I am down. Here it goes.

Today’s prompt was to chose one word that captured 2010 and one word to project into 2011. This is fairly easy for me.

2010: Change

January 1, 2010: I had a new job, a new career goal, my boyfriend had a new apartment and a new job and we were ready to take on the world. In February, I lost my new job after six weeks of working there. I continued with school, taking science classes, although it was tough. I began to get wrapped in the thorns of depression. My blog grew, my ideas for my future grew, but I was having trouble putting them into practice. Depression. It was here, it was taking me over. I struggled with it all summer. I didn’t have another job. I wasn’t ready to move to Iowa.

I desperately applied to a few internships with the same organization who had provided me with summer work the previous year. I remember seeing the one for Dinosaur and absentmindeldy adding it to my list of positions. Then I got the email. And the call. And the offer. Even though I knew going to Utah was abandoning lots of things I was working on, including my micro social network for Southwest Missouri people with diabetes and my relationship, I knew it was the right thing for me.

So here I am. I am changed. I have a new outlook. I have a lot of new things. I am still changing and will continue to change over the next three months. And then I head to South Carolina for three months. And this is the perfect segue for my hopes for 2011:


2011: Growth

Change doesn’t always mean growth. But for me this year I think it has. I still have a long way to go. I’m not sure what age you’re supposed to “grow up,” but I am learning that sticking to my juvenile ways after college isn’t really cutting it for me. But it’s more than growing up, it’s growing as a person that I want to do. I have the resources now, and I hope that the situations I’m placed in this year will only help me along this path. I want to grow as a writer, as an artist, as a friend, as a sibling, as a daughter, as a diabetic, as an advocate, and as a person. That’s my goal for 2011.

Is it cliche?




But there’s a reason things are cliche (or is that too cliche?)

credit: deviant art, click for link.

(I’m not adding links tonight because I’m tired, but I will tomorrow).

2 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Lee Ann Thill

    It’s good to see that you joined reverb10!

    I wouldn’t worry about growth being cliche. I think it’s what most people who have any inkling about bettering themselves hope to achieve. Looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings you 🙂


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