Writers Block

It’s funny, at times in my life I’ve been so full of words I couldn’t write them fast enough. Now is not one of those times. Not only have I stopped blogging, but I’ve stopped journaling too. I’ve even been looking at the Reverb Prompts, and for each of them I know exactly what I would write about, and yet I can’t find the words.

Quite frankly, I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. It’s actually been quite warm here in Utah, today is the first day it’s not supposed to get above 40 in a while. There isn’t any snow on the ground, which is weird because I’m pretty sure there was snow on the ground for like 20 days or something. There’s hardly any wind, and the sun is shining brilliantly. I’m even going hiking this afternoon (If I can rid myself of this sinus headache – without the sub-zero temps to freeze off the allergens, I am still sinus stuffed). On days when I work, the sun sets just as I’m getting home. I have to get in a walk as soon as I get home in order to walk before it’s too dark or too cold. I then come home and do a lot of reading, knitting, movie watching, and phone chatting with B, as well as the BFF and occasionally the parental units. That’s it.

Quite frankly, living here alone is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

When I got here, housing was a bustling unit of activity; there were several people living here but all of their seasons were getting ready to close. Now there are four occupied units (out of about 11) and three of those units only have one person living in them (including the six person bunk house, where I live by myself!). The other has a family, who I am close to but they have been sick lately.

When I dropped my roommate off at the airport and thus ended our roommate-dom, I thought about how quickly the next three months would go. It was only going to be 3 weeks until I flew home for Christmas for 4 days, then an abnormal work week due to New Years (let’s face it, abnormal weeks go faster). Following that, my best friend is planning on coming out for a week before she starts law school classes again. Then roommate really wants to visit for my birthday (although I’m not holding my breath, because if I do wind up spending my birthday alone, I want to be mentally prepared for that). That will be 4 weeks after Best Friend leaves. Then, I’ll only have 3 weeks left here in Dino. Seems like it should fly.

However, it’s been less than two weeks since I dropped Roommate off, and it feels like it has been centuries.

The only personal contact I get is with my coworkers and the occasional visitor who decides to brave Northwestern Utah in the winter. (I really like those people). I did watch a movie with my neighbor the other night, but we aren’t really “hang out all the time” type friends. (I’m pretty sure we’d kill each other). I’m also eating dinner with friends tonight (they used to live in housing). A coworker who has been on a furlough-honeymoon is returning next week, and she was pretty good about coming up with stuff to do, so I am hoping that we’ll hang out frequently too. After tonight’s dinner-dates get back from their trip home for Christmas, hopefully I’ll be able to hang out with people on a regular basis. I’m also hoping to spend some of my low income on a punch card at the local gym, so at least I’ll be able to make the 25 mile drive a couple of days a week, and maybe exercise will alleviate some of my loneliness educed depression.

In all reality, I’m probably being over dramatic. But for someone who ranks in as a 90% extrovert on the Myers-Briggs scale, long periods of time without substantial human interaction kind of wear me out. And apparently that gives me writers block. Or at least, lack of motivaiton (because look at this long -@$$ thing I just wrote when supposedly suffering from writers block).

Without a real conclusion, I’ll just tell you that I’m almost finished with my e-christmas card for this year, a new tradition I’m starting. It’s kind of weird sending people a picture of yourself when you’re single, but some big changes happened this year and I figured people would like to know what I’m up to. So if you’re in and you want an E-Christmas card, send me your email address. You can leave a comment, I’ll get your email from that without you having to type it, because it’s a required field, but it won’t be published. Or just drop me a line at sajabla at gmail dot com. Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Bob P

    I wish I could e-mail you some of my solitude tolerance. I don’t start getting edgy until it’s been a couple of days since I’ve talked to someone.


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